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Hey everyone!

~ April 14th is the Queer Alumna Conference! We will be there, tabling and selling shirts. If you are interested in helping out, or just coming to be at the conference, it is $5 for students (that the club will pay for). You must register soon, however. The Alumnae Association website has more information. Let Kathy know ASAP if you want  to go!

~ April 27th-28th, MHC is holding a Gender Studies Conference. It consists of a dinner, a  talk, and other things. If you would like to take part, contact Kathy (kagreeni) by Friday the 20th of April.

~ Sarah Owocki has updated our site! Huzzah!

~ Our Bill of Rights Curriculum work is making progress! Nancy has gotten us invited into  South Hadley High for sometime in the spring to have an event. More information as we  find things out...

~ In Amherst, on April 11th, there will be a meeting concerning a new Feminist Alliance for Women for 5 college students. Email Kathy (kagreeni) for more information!

~ As usual: Any fundraising ideas? Ideas for our Bill of Rights Curriculum Event? Comments? Email Kathy! (kagreeni) or myself (carl20s).

Thanks guys, see you next week in Blanchard 318, 6 pm on Tuesdays.



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