Weekly Meetings

Time: 4:15pm Tuesdays
Place: Carson Gallery at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum

Mission Statement

The Society of Art Goddesses, supported by the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, engages the campus community with a broad range of artworks, artists, and artistic ideas through student-centered museum events like behind the scenes tours, trips to local arts organizations/artist studios, art career panels, networking, movie nights and more. Members receive free admission to the museums visited on trips and advance notice of events at the MHCAM.

Are You a Goddess?

The Society of Art Goddesses is for students of any and every major. Whether you are a lifelong art enthusiast or are just becoming interested in art, this organization is for you!

To join, send an email to the current secretary with your name and preferred email address, and you will be added to the Art Goddesses' email list. Alternatively, you can fill out the Art Goddesses membership form located in the reception area of the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, and hand it in to the receptionist.

Have Facebook? Join our facebook group to be alerted to Art Goddess events and to connect with other members.

What does the Society do?

One goal is to help bring students into the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, and to engage them with art throughout the campus. This is achieved through divine events, such as Spa Night, faculty conversations (e.g., Wrestling with Demons), and others. We also show art-related films throughout the semester.


Every semester we plan trips to art museums/galleries in Massachusetts and the surrounding area. These trips are free for Art Goddess members! Space is limited based on the number of drivers that are available, so watch for the emails! Want to become a fleet driver? Instructions are on the Mount Holyoke College website here. See photos of past trips and events here.

Weekly Meetings

The meetings are full of fun, discussions, and planning. Meetings usually begin with looking at a piece of artwork, or a talk by one of the museum staff about careers in the art world. We develop ideas and plan for events, trips, and gatherings. Tours are occasionally given at the beginning or end of a meeting. If you have another commitment during the meeting time, don't worry! The minutes are emailed every week with the pertinent information from the meetings, and anyone can volunteer to help out with events and trips.