Bellatrix is a community for fans of anime, sci-fi, fantasy, and other geeky pursuits at Mount Holyoke College. We're named after the star Bellatrix (which was in turn named after a Roman war goddess), as mythology ties in with fantasy, and astronomy ties in with sci-fi. We predate Bellatrix Lestrange! We strive to create an open and friendly community for fans of all kinds to find friends and revel in their shared interests. Students from all years are welcome to attend one or both of our two weekly meetings, visit our library, participate in our events, or submit to our online publication (The Chimera).
We also send out weekly notifications about all meetings and events on our mailing list. If you'd like to receive these updates, send the Benevolent Dictator your name and e-mail address.


This lovely lot are the folks who make this club possible, for the 2020-2021 academic year. They'll be happy to help you with anything you may have questions about.