Current Events

Get Your Geek On

Date: Friday October 27th, 2017 Get ready for the finest costume dance party of the year! Get Your Geek On will be from 10PM to 2AM in the Great Room at Blanchard Campus Center, MHC. We invite you to come and join Bellatrix and Renegades, the hosting organizations, in a night of fun, refreshments, and dancing! Bring your friends, moirails and tribbles.
A costume showcase will take place around midnight. From 10 to 11:30, judges will be walking around handing out slips of paper that say "Costume Contest Entry" to those whose costumes are particularly wonderful. At midnight, our Masters/Mistresses of Ceremonies will ask the contestants to come to the stage and show off their costumes. Participants should be okay with having their picture taken. If you are given a slip of paper but don't want to participate, please give the slip of paper back to the judge so they can give it to someone else.


  • Free for Mount Holyoke students
This is an alcohol-free event.

Props and Fake Weapons Policy:

If a public safety officer could mistake it for a live weapon from a distance, don't bring it. If it's an obvious prop, such as Yuna's summoner wands from Final Fantasy X, or a giant POW hammer, or, for instance, two-dimensional cardboard cutouts (in the case of guns), it is okay, but keep in mind that the event staff is not responsible for any damage to your costume/props that may occur at the dance: use your good judgement! Can you dance with it without hitting people? If so, awesome! If not, then for the safety of your prop and others you'd be safer leaving it at home.

Bellantine's Night

Date: February 2017 On the Thursday closest to Valentine's Day, instead of watching a sci-fi or fantasy movie for movie night, we screen films relevant to the holiday. For those uninterested, a separate screening of the classic romantic comedy Princess Bride and other PG movies happens at the same time.

Bardic Revelries

Date: March 2017 Bardic Revelries is a no-stakes talent show of the geeky persuasion!
This event used to be held back in the 1970s. We rediscovered it after going through old newsletters in the Archives and decided to resurrect it! The Revelries provides people with an opportunities to demonstrate their creative side, whether it be by singing a song, showing a skit, telling a story, or uncovering another hidden talent of theirs.


Dates: April 2017 Each year, Smith College students hold a sci-fi/anime/gaming convention on their campus, deemed ConBust. We love to attend to support our sister school and meet with fellow women's college nerds. The convention includes several events, dealers, artists, and special guests.

Past Events

Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

Date and time: Monday September 21st In conjunction with The Odyssey Bookshop, Holly Black and Cassandra Clare will be on campus on Monday 9/21, at 6pm in Hooker Auditorium. Learn more here!

Anime Boston

Dates: May 24-26, 2013 Every spring, a group of club members go to the northeast's biggest anime convention, Anime Boston. The group registers together for a discount, then stays in a student hostel in Boston for the weekend. A group discount is given to anyone who registers with Bellatrix, whether or not they attend with the group.

Lord of the Rings Marathon

Date: TBA In honor of the new movie The Hobbit, we will be screening the Peter Jackson movies based on Tolkien's classic high fantasy series.

Annual Spring Costume Picnic/Book Sale

Date: TBA Each year, Bellatrix holds a costume picnic outside on a beautiful spring day. We also take this opportunity to sell old books, posters, and other items from the library.

Last Meeting/Cultural Celebration

Dates: Some time in late April At the last official meetings of the year, the club uses its remaining funds to buy snacks and treats imported from Japan, available for all attendees to eat.