Bellatrix was founded by friends who had been sharing a box of fantasy and sci-fi books and wanted to be able to share them with other members of the Mount Holyoke community. This founding box has grown into our own library, now known as The Hoard. The Hoard is now a collaborative effort between Bellatrix and our fellow nerd orgs, Renegades and Autosave.

The Hoard has blossomed to become a collection of over 5,500 items, including sci-fi and fantasy books, comics, manga, DVDs, audio tapes, VHS tapes, video games, consoles, board games, dice sets, and much more!

Now located in the beautiful Abbey 118, The Hoard represents decades of dedication from students and alums towards making sci-fi, fantasy, and other nerdy pursuits accessible and welcoming for everyone on campus.

Through the efforts of Bellatrix's members over the 2018-2019 school year, a full catalog of the library's contents is now available, online and viewable by the public here . Alums and members of the Five College Consortium are welcome to visit the library and may request user accounts, enabling them to view their checkout history and reserve items with the click of a button.

Unfortunatly, the Hoard is crying this semester and is unavailable due to current events :(

The Hoard is located in Abbey 118. If you can't find it, contact one of our lovely librarians or other officers, and we will gladly show you the way.

If you're interested in donating materials to The Hoard or helping fund a project, please contact the Info Guru (Head Librarian) who will be happy to walk you through the short donation process.

Meet Your Librarians

Information Guru (Head Librarian): Sophia Brooks-Randall (
  • 2020-2021 librarians TBA!