I apologize for any out-of-date links that may be here. If you know of any new club information for the five colleges or any local (to Mount Holyoke College) anime or sci-fi conventions or renaissance faires not listed, please contact me at robin26s@mtholyoke.edu.

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Renegades, Inc.
Renegades is Bellatrix's sister org, the tabletop roleplaying club of Mount Holyoke College. We host GYGO together, and the clubs share many members.
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Five College Clubs
Sazanami (Smith)
Smith Science Fiction and Fantasy Society
Amherst College Anime Club
Amherst College Science Fiction and Fantasy Club
Japanese Animation and Manga Society (UMass)
Science Fiction Society (UMass)
Excalibur (Hampshire)

Local Conventions
Anime Boston
Arisia (Boston Science Fiction and Fantasy)
Boskone (Boston Science Fiction)
New York Comic Con
LunaCon (NY Science Fiction)
I-CON (Stony Brook University, NY Science Fiction)
ConnectiCon (Hartford, CT Anime)
Pi-Con (Enfield, CT)