Mount Holyoke - Berkshire Hills Best Buddies

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Welcome to MHC Best Buddies!

We are a dynamic group of students from Mount Holyoke and Berkshire Hills Music Academy interested in forming friendship across our two campuses.

We facilitate:

  • One-on-one friendships between individuals.
  • Concerts and relationships between artistic or otherwise interested MHC student orgs and BHMA.
  • Workshops and awareness raising on ablism and "disability."

This website has three purposes.

  • To serve as an information hub for members. Here a member can find our calendar, their buddy's contact information, and many supplementary resources.
  • To strengthen our work by articulating our mission and philosophy.
  • To strengthen our organization's presence on campus with a public face.

Accessibility and this website.

  • This site uses frames. These days, web sites for small organizations are less effective for communicating information than social networking sites like Facebook, or CMS sites like Wordpress or Photobucket. But we've got so many of these going on that this site serves as a hub to bring them all together. We have made these outsidesites available to you within this website by using frames. This site is best viewed in Google Chrome.