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To view images of the land and find out more about the initiative to start a farm, please link on the link below:


The Farm



Mount Holyoke College Crops for a Closer Community hopes to develop and support a sustainable food system at MHC by starting a farm on campus.

Our Goals:

-To understand and cultivate the ecological, economic, social, and spiritual components of a sustainable food network

-Promote understanding by Mount Holyoke students, faculty, and staff of the sources of their food

-Increase the purchase of locally grown and/or organic foods for all of Mount Holyoke College’s dining facilities

-Encourage campus use of future College Farm and Garden products and the eventual use of college farm produce in dining facilities

-Integrate principles of sustainable living (as it pertains to local agriculture) into curriculum development.

~Modeled after Berea College Local Food Initiatvie~


The Plan:

Mount Holyoke College own a plot of land on the outskirts of campus with a barn on the property. We would love to see the beginnings of a community garden, greenhouse, and education center,on that land, for the use of students, faculty and community members.

Crops for Closer Community




For more information or interest in helping out:

Kristen Schafenacker:

Heidi Roop:

“First, all education is environmental education.

To teach economics without reference to the laws of

thermodynamics or ecology

is to teach a fundamentally important ecological lesson:

that physics and ecology have nothing to do with the economy.”  

- David Orr