What is Chinese Culture Association?

Chinese Cultural Association, commonly known as CCA on campus, is an organization that promotes the vibrant and diversified culture of China. CCA also coorporate with other Asian cultural organizations to promote diversity within Mount Holyoke College.

Annually CCA sponsors and organizes several important events, including the Mid-Autumn Festival, Variasians, and China Nite. In addition, informal meetings and interesting activities are planned throughout the semester, encouraging everyone to join and interact with others.

During the academic year of 2005- 2006, CCA is planning to continue the tradition of all majorevents, in addition to hosting a free event by inviting an exciting guest performer. We are also vow to reach further into the MHC community and expand our influence.

So why not come and have some fun? There is no serious commitment at all. Explorers of all kinds are always welcome!

CCA's Mission Statement.

We are an inclusive organization extending our membership to all. We seek to promote educational and cultural awareness within Mount Holyoke College and the surrounding communities.