Past Activities


Article I: Name, Purpose, and Affiliaton
     I. This organization will be called ‘The Mount Holyoke Classics Society’ (MHCS)
     II. The purpose of the MHCS is:
          a) To promote community within the Classics and Ancient Studies Departments,
          b) to create awareness of the Classics program at Mount Holyoke College, and
          c) to provide social and academic opportunities for students interested in the Classical           World.

Article II: Adherence to Policies
     I. MHCS shall adhere to all Mount Holyoke College policies, including but not limited to the      Honor Code, as specified by the Student Handbook.
     II. MHCS shall abide by all local, state, and federal laws.

Article III: Membership
     I. Active Members are defined as any person interested in the classical world who      demonstrates a commitment to MHCS.
     II. Commitment to MHCS shall be defined as attending at least one meeting per month.
     III. Membership is open to 5-College students and faculty.

Article IV: Officers
     I. The titles, duties, and qualification requirements of the Executive Board are as follows:

a) Consul (Co-Chair) [2]: The position of Consul shall be held by no more than two people. The duties of Consul include, but are not limited to, leading all meetings, deciding on meeting agendas, being available for distributing organization information to prospective members and other campus organizations, and investigation and preliminary organization of activities. Consuls should also be prepared to fill all other positions of the Executive Board in the event that another officer cannot fulfill her duties.
Qualifications: Consuls must have at least one year of active membership in MHCS, and previous involvement in the Classics/Ancient Studies Department. Both Greek and Latin languages will be represented by the Consuls.
b) Scribe (Secretary) [1]: The Scribe shall manage the membership list, take meeting minutes, and handle all organization-related paperwork.
Qualifications: Scribes shall have at least one semester of active membership within MHCS, as well as previous involvement in the Classics/Ancient Studies Department.
c) Monetalis (Treasurer) [1]: The position of Monetalis will entail management of organization checkbook and all funds, organization of fundraising, audits, and contingency funding petitions, as well as the handling of any other financial matters that may arise in connection with MHCS, in accordance with SGA policies.
Qualifications: The Monetalis will have at least one semester of active membership, as well as previous involvement in the Classics/Ancient Studies Department.
d)Strategoi (Event Coordinators) [1-2]: The position of Strategos will be held by one or two members. Strategoi will plan all major events sponsored by MHCS, in conjunction with Consuls and Moneyer. The Strategoi are also responsible for publicizing events and the organization itself both on and off campus. The Strategoi shall work with the Consul and Moneyer to confirm details of major organization events.
Qualifications: The Strategoi shall have at least one semester of active membership in the club.
e)Eta Sigma Phi Representative [1]: The position of Eta Sigma Phi representative will be held by one member, who may hold a simultaneous position on the e-board. She will be responsible for communicating with Eta Sigma Phi, organizing new memberships and induction ceremonies, and making members aware of Era Sigma Phi communications.
Qualifications: The Eta Sigma Phi representative must be a member of Eta Sigma Phi and have one semester of active membership in the club.

Article V: Election of Officers
     I. Elections shall be held once a year in April, at a general meeting and before general      members, or as needed.
     II. Active Members shall be eligible to vote. This includes eniors and students going abroad.
     III. Nominations for positions will be taken from general membership. Consuls are      responsible for compiling nominations for the vote.
     IV. Vote will be taken from general membership with a majority ruling.
     V. Vote will be run by secret ballot.

Article VI: Removal of Officers
     I. Officers will be removed for:
          a. failure to attend meetings.
          b. failure to perform duties.
          c. failure to meet qualification requirements for positions.
     II. E-board will call for a vote for removal.
     III. Vote will be taken from general membership with a majority ruling.
     IV. Vote will be cast by secret ballot.

Article VII: Adviser (Oracle)
     I. There shall be an adviser to MHCS from among the professors in the Classics/Ancient      Studies Department.
     II. The adviser will assist members in academic matters and help coordinate with the      Classics/Ancient Studies Departments for special events.
     III. The adviser will be nominated by the incoming Executive Board, after the spring      elections of officers, and appointed with the consent of the nominated party.

Article VIII: Meetings
     I. Meetings shall be bi-monthly, or at the discretion of the officers.
     II. Dates and times of meetings will be determined by the officers.

Article IX: Quorum
     I. Quorum is defined as 2/3 of active members.

Article X: Bylaws and Amendments
     I. Bylaws and Amendments shall be proposed by Active Members.
     II. Bylaws shall be passed by a majority vote.
     III. Amendments shall be passed by a 2/3 vote.

Article XI: Eta Sigma Phi
     I. The Mount Holyoke Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi shall be run in conjunction with the Mount      Holyoke Classics Society. Members of Eta Sigma Phi shall be members of the Mount      Holyoke Classics Society but members of the Classics Society need not be members of Eta      Sigma Phi.
     II. In order to be inducted into Eta Sigma Phi, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA within      Classics or Ancient Studies and have taken one year (two semesters) of Latin or Ancient      Greek.

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