Past Activities

A Selection of Past Activities

The Ides of March: On the 15th of March, the Classics Society remembers the death of Julius Caesar by staging a dramatic reading from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in the student center. In 2007 we "assassinated" faculty member Paula Debnar who played Caesar himself. Pictures are here!

Toga Party: After constructing historically-accurate togas, the Classics Society gathered to dance, stomp grapes, tell fortunes, play authentic dice games, and make wreaths. Pictures are here!

Movie Nights: Unofficial viewings of Classics-related movies are a great study break, especially when combined with pizza and ice cream. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Roman Holiday, the TV series Rome, and even a field trip to see 300 (followed by a debate on historical accuracy) have been among our viewings.

Study Groups: Members of the Classics Society are frequently in the same classes or can share advanced knowledge of Ancient Greek or Latin with students in introductory classes. Study groups are a fun way to get the work done and geek out about Classics at the same time.

Lectures: The Classics Society frequently attends lectures pertaining to the ancient world at all Five Colleges.

Metropolitan Museum Trip: Accompanying the Art Department, the Classics Society took a bus to New York City to see one of the most famous collections of sculpture and artifacts from antiquity.

Art Museum Tour: The Classics Society got to go on a special behind-the-scenes tour of Mount Holyoke's fabulous ancient art, including the extensive coin collection.

"What Can You Do with a Degree in Classics?": The Classics Society hosted a Q&A informational session to help answer this oft-troubling question.

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