what is CSSoc?

The Computer Science Society of Mount Holyoke College (CSSoc) is a group of student leaders who cultivate a supportive community of critically-thinking, impact-driven, team-playing computer science students on our women’s college campus. Our programs aim to:

  • unveil the many facets of computer science that appeal to liberal arts students,
  • empower students to recognize their own potential as leaders,
  • unite gender minorities to think productively about effective ways to confront discrimination in the field,
  • equip students with industry-standard technical skills, and
  • demystify computer science and technology for others.”

CSSoc is a proud ACM-W chapter.

executive board

Thao Bach '16


Helena Kleinschmidt '16


Katie Ho '16

Chair of Sponsorship

Yavneeka Patel '17

Chair of Internal Finance

Zineb El Mechrafi '18

Co-Chair of HackHolyoke

Priangka Saha '18

Co-Chair of HackHolyoke

Onji Bae '17

Co-Chair of GIT

Hashma Shahid '17

Co-Chair of GIT

Ella Holmes '16

Chair of Community

Sabrina Accime '18

Chair of Outreach & Logistics