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National CS Week
5—7 Dec.

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We are MHC’s CS Club, an org dedicated to bridging the gap between women and technology.

The digital age is upon us. Nearly all professions use computer science in some form on a regular basis. In fact, the marriage of computer science with some other disciplines is so common—with biology, for example—that over 100 universities worldwide offer Master’s programs in computational biology or bioinformatics, including UCLA, Stanford, Yale, Harvard, and MIT.

At the same time, women comprise only 21% of all those with a bachelor’s degree and 16% of all those with PhDs in computer science or related fields.

For this reason, it is imperative that we break down the stereotypes about women in computing by increasing campus awareness of the Computer Science Department, especially for non-majors, and organizing joint events between the CS and other departments on campus.

In this way, we aim to improve communication between CS and non-CS majors and to show that computer science is useful no matter what a student’s academic focus is.

Additionally, we endeavor to encourage and assist prospective computer science majors and minors in their pursuit of this goal, and to support current CS majors and minors.

If you’re interested in learning more National CS Week, take a look at MHC’s National CS week site and come to the CS Dept/CS Club joint event happening 6—7 December.