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Minutes and News


Meeting Minutes and Club News


Minutes 10/14/09:

We were talking about MHC Dems merchandise. If you have any ideas, or would like to design our new t-shirt, please bring any brainstorms to the next meetings.

Our Social Policy group will be focusing on the issue of Maternity Leave. If you would liket more info or to get involved, please email walsh20e.

Also, the first issue of our brand new publication (which still is unnamed, all suggestions welcome!) will also focus on Maternity Leave as well.
Food for thought:

What is your perspective? Submissions to the publication are currently being accepted. If you would like to respond to this article or sound off about maternity leave rights in general, feel free to email mille22c or brain20c with article submissions. All articles will be posted here (http://mountholyokecollegedemocrats.blogspot.com/) and the entire community will have a chance to respond.

Date Auction is still being planned. If you would like to help please contact nelso22m

Minutes 10/7/09:

On Wednesday we split into 3 groups to work on different issues/upcoming events in the
lives of the MHC Dems. A brief summary of each group can be found bellow as well as info for the E-Board members in charge. If you wish for more info/to partake in the fabulous activities listed, please shoot these lovely ladies an email

Date Auction (Meredith Nelson--nelso22m): Organizing and planning the Date Auction for this November.
Social Policy Committee (Liz Walsh--walsh20e): Get involved in writing public policy!
The MHC Dems Publication (brain20c, mille22c, loese20e): Feel like sounding out on
political issues? Find a place on our aspiring blog and publication.


Minutes 9/30/09:

Election results:
Events Coordinator: Meredith Nelson
Secretary: Cat Braine
Public Policy Director: Liz Walsh
Parliamentarian: Elisa Loeser
Senator: Buqing Ma

Our top issues (as decided by the survey):

1. Women's Rights
2. Health Care
2. Gun Control
3. Gay Rights
3. Education
4. Environment
5. Death Penalty
6. Immigration
7. Student Rights
7. Sex Ed
7. Dog Racing
7. Foster Care

There was a list to sign up to buy a t-shirt. Both the blue ones (MHC DEMS on front, Map
of 2009 Youth vote and "We Baracked the Vote" on back) as well as the older gray ones
("smart ass") are available for $10 each. They are available in Blanchard during lunch
and dinner and will be brought to the meeting this Wed.

More info on the trip this week.


Minutes 9/23/09:

At our meeting this upcoming Wednesday, elections will be held for the remaining E-Board positions. The positions available are listed as follows:

Secretary: The Secretary takes notes at each meeting and sends them out afterwards to the listserve. The Secretary will also be a managing editor of our new newsletter.

Events and Publicity: This position will involve panning our events, including the Date
Auction, and other events through out the year, including a speaker series and trips.
This position also entails making signs, posters, social media sites and any other
publicity warranted.

Public Policy Director: The Director of Public Policy will be in charge of formulating
and writing the policy decided by the other members of the MHC Democrats. The Public
Policy director has the prerogative to create a policy board, if you would

Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian will be responsible for the organization and
publication of the newspaper with the Secretary as well as the compilation of an alumnae
contact list. The Parliamentarian is also responsible for the fostering and
solidification of off campus contacts for the Mount Holyoke College Democrats.

Senator: Represents the MHC Dems at the weekly senate meetings (Tuesday 7:30-9pm) and keeps the club updated on proceedings.

If you wish to run for these positions, please email Brigid (hurnm20b)y Tuesday 9pm with your candidates statement (a little something about yourself and why you wicsh to hold the position). Additionally, bear in mind that E-board members meet once a week together (for about and hour) outside of the club meeting.

The MHC Dems are planning a trip down to DC during the October break (9th-11th) to attend the National Equality March http://equalityacrossamerica.org/blog/?page_id=19Our funding for this event fell through, so each individual will be paying their own
expenses. If you wish to go please bring $30 for housing to the next meeting. Food and
other expenses will be your own responsibility. More information will be available this
Wednesday, but please bring payment so we can further plan or transportation and board.
If you have a Fleet License or would like to get one so that you can be a designated
driver on the trip please visit:

In case you missed the first meeting and/or the wonderful chocolate provided please come
to the next one (this Wed, 7pm, Cleveland L1).


Minutes 4/15/09:

At next weeks general meeting we will be holding Executive Board elections. If you would like to run please send your candidate statement to Jane (flega20j@mtholyoke.edu) no later than Friday.

After next weeks meeting Dinning for Dems will occur. If you would like to attend, please email Maggie (enrig20m@mtholyoke.edu).

We will be making decorations at 10am this Saturday.
If you would like to volunteer to man the event, be auctioned, or ofer someone else up for acution, all inquiries should be forwarded to Cohl (mille20c@mtholyoke.edu).

As a reminder, sing up and keep fundraising for Relay for Life which will be held on the 24th.  Planning for the overnight stay will be discussed at next weeks meeting.
To volunteer with the bakesale please email malis20c@mtholyoke.edu.
We will be making Rice Krispie treats to sell at our bakesale this Sunday at 8 pm in the Delle’s kitchen. Please come help (an eat delicious marshmellow goo).



Saurday's decoration making has been moved to Wednesday's general meeting (4/15). See you there!

Minutes: 4/1/09

We completed our letter writing campaign to Representative Scibak tonight pertaining to cutbacks in Reproductive Health Services funding.

Please help with making decorations. It should be a blast! Next Saturday, April 11th in the New Dorm at 3pm. Email Cohl for more info.
Also, if you know someone who would like to be auctioned, please email Cohl as well. A questionnaire will be forwarded to all auctionees.

Relay for life is coming up quick.  A handout with info went out, but here are the basics:

  1. Join our team
  2. We have raised $1,030 so far (BRILLIANT!), but still have a goal of $3,000. Lets do this ladies!
  3. For raising $100, you get a free t-shirt.
  4. We are having a bakesale in Blanchard to raise money on April 20, 21, and 22 from 12-2pm and 5-7pm. We will be baking in a big group beforehand (fun times!). Contact malis20c@mtholyoke.edu for more info.

For all other concerns/questions please email malis20c@mtholyoke.edu.


Minutes: 3/25/09


If you haven’t already please sign up for Relay for Life (instructions and details can be found in 3/4 Minutes). So far we have raised $600, but we can do so much more! Get pumped and start fundraising!
We are planning a bake sale to raise money on Wednesday April 21st.
Also, the MHC Dems will sponsor a lap during Relay called the Walk for Change, during which we will be collecting further donations. Once again, any questions can be forwarded to malis20c@mtholyoke.edu
The Finklestein-Divine debate, “The Israeli-Palestine Conflict: What is Preventing a Peaceful Settlement” is at 8pm tomorrow, March 26th, in Gamble Auditorium. We recommend that you arrive early. Please bring your college IDs to gain entrance.


We will be phone-banking Monday at 4:30 in the Kendade Atrium. Be there.

The Date Auction is April 18th. Please email Cohl Miller (mille20c) to help. We need at least 16 workers to take shifts during the night. Also, Cohl is looking for assistants to make decorations.

We will be electing E-board positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Campaigns Coordinator on April 15th. If you are considering running, please start thinking about your statements.

On some legislative issues:
1. The Young Dems of Mass. are planning a statewide campaign to support Election Day Registration. We plan to help campaign for this in the fall.
2. Legislation passes in Mass has cut Planned Parenthood funding by 80%. We will be discussing what we can do about this next week during our general meeting, as well as participating in a letter writing campaign.
3. We plan upon discussing action we can take against the development of a Waste Treatment Transfer Station in Holyoke.

If you are interested in any of these issues please email Kate at crowt20k@mtholyoke.edu

Also, article submissions for “The Forum” are greatly appreciated. The new word count is 300-400 words. You can submit 2 pictures with your article and please include a title and a 1-2 sentence description of yourself for publication.


Minutes: 3/4/09

Relay for Life is on April 24th at the Amherst Track
Join the Mount Holyoke College Dems Team at:

You can make your own profile to personalize emails for donations.
We have a goal of $3000 dollars, so get on it!
Relay for Life is an overnight event; so if you have a tent or any other camping accoutrements, please consider bringing them and sharing for the night.

We are hoping to fundraise via tabling in Blanchard with chocolate covered pretzels. If you have any other fundraiser ideas or questions please email: malis20c

Campout for Cancer on 3/18 to support the “Cancer Connection”
NOHO radio station is camping out on the NOHO courthouse lawn until they raise $10,000 dollars. If you want to help, please email crowt20k@mtholyoke.edu

April 18th is the date for DATE AUCTION!
If you want to be auctioned, know someone who wants to be auctioned, or want to help with set up, please email mille22c@mtholyoke.edu

It was proposed to have a Legislative Director next year to work on what Dems issues. If you have any questions, please email hurnm20b@mtholyoke.edu

To get involved in collaborative action with YDM, please email malis20c for information or help plan a way for the greater Dems community to get involved.

Dem E-Board Elections are probably going to occur at the end of April. If you are considering running, start prepping!

If you want to go to the CDM convention please email enrig20m@mtholyoke.edu.
April 4th and 5th.

News from Senate:
Penny Gill announced the Nexus Program, which is a new version of a minor in one of 6 areas. This program is hoping to commence in Fall 2009 in order to redevelop the CDC role and open more opportunities for internships.

There is a fleet van going to see Deval Patrick from 8am-2pm tomorrow, March 4, 2009. If you want to go please email loese20e.

Minutes: 2/11/09

We are selling our incredible club t-shirts for $10 from 2/14-2/19 from 11am-1pm and 5pm-7pm in Blanchard. Come get your new dems gear!

April 11th is the tentative date for the date auction. The theme is going to be "Barack to the Future". If you would like to help please email Cohl Miller.

Massachusetts State Youth Convention is June 56, if you are interested please come to our next meeting for more information.

The Youth Add on Delegate applications are due March 17th. If you are under 35 and interested please come to our next meeting for more information about applications.

Inauguration 2009:


Swear in: Video

Speech: Part 1 Part 2

Minutes: 11/12/08

There was a sign up sheet passes around for the Inauguration Trip. We will be driving down to DC in fleet vans (if you have a fleet van licence, please let us know. I you don’t, check out this link). Brigid is in the process of finding housing. Email her if you know of any place that may be able to house us.

This Saturday is the Proposition 8 Protest at the Northampton City Hall. We will take  the PVTA at Blanchard bus stop at 12:40pm. This protest is part of the nation-wide coordinated Proposition 8 Protest. Help get this repealed and make a stand fro equality.
(We made signs for the protest during the meeting).

We have been formally invited to the ACLU’s “Fight for Your Right to Party” party in Blanchard from 10pm-2am in Blanchard Campus Center. Check out the FB group.

We are looking or Date Auction theme and volunteers for the Date Auction Committee. Please email Cohl if you want to volunteer and/or have any ideas.

Legislative Internship opportunities are available, a sign up sheet was passed around. Please check out the new page.

We will be selling t-shirts as a fundraiser. If you have any ideas fro shirts, bring them to the next meeting.


Minutes: 11/5/08


Final electoral count (Obama:McCain) is 349:163

Final popular vote count: (Obama:McCain) is 53:43

(at this time, MO and NC still not reporting)

The Democrats have also secured a firm majority in the eSente and House.

Obama's acceptance speech: http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/11/04/obama.transcript/index.html

Minutes: 10/22/08

- We phonebanked for "Say No to Question #1"

- See Calandar for upcoming events that were addressed.


Minutes: 10/15/2008

- Shirts are still for sale for $10 each. Please contact Rashie if you are interested.

- This SATURDAY there is a campaign bus to NH leaving from the Blanchard bus stop at 8:30 am sharp. We will return by 4 pm (in time for Vegas Night!). All transportation will be provided. Please come and help make a difference! Contact Jane Flegal (Flegalj@gmail.com) to RSVP.

- SUNDAY, PHONEBANKING in Shattuck 107 from 4pm-6pm.

-If you are interested in going to NC to campiagn please contact Jane so that she may foward you more information.

Minutes: 9/23/2008

- We have elected the rest of the MHC Democrats E-Board (please see Officers for more information)

- Should the Presidential Debate still occur on Friday, we will be watching it (respectfully) with the Young Republicans in L1 at 8pm while stuffing Voter Registration envelopes.


- This weekend, if you are signed up to go on the New Hampshire campaign trip, please find all the needed information at the link below.


If you are not--email Brigid about space availability (hurnm20b@mtholyoke.edu)

- Voter Registration Continues! Email Maggie at enrig20m@mtholyoke.edu if you can table in Blanchard. Next Saturday, it has also been agreed that "Dorm Storm" (going dorm to dorm to register voters) will occur. More info on this at our meeting next Wednesday.

- If you want an awesome Democrat T-shirt, please bring $10 to the next meeting.

And...Happy Mountain Day!