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Passionate About Politics? Find your niche in the MHC Democrats!


If you would like to become a College Democrat, email our president, Jane Flegal '09, to get on the mailing list. You will receive a newsletter in your inbox regarding MHC Democrats meetings and upcoming events.

Still not sure what we're about? Read our mission statement to find out what the Mount Holyoke College Democrats believe in and stand for.
Run for a position on the Executive Board! More information to come.
Register to Vote!

Young people are registered to vote nearly 20% less than the national average (69.5%). Those that are registered also turn out to vote less often than other Americans. Meanwhile, leaders on both the national and local levels are making important decisions relevant to YOUR life - decisions about student loans, abortion rights, the environment, health insurance, and the list goes on and on. Make sure you're registered! Request a national voter registration form, complete with directions for each state, or register electronically through Rock the Vote at the MHC Dems Blog!
Become a Licensed Fleet Driver!

The Dems frequently attend campaigning events off-campus, and we always need drivers for the Fleet vans! Click here for more information!