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Officers and Contact Information


Officers and Contact Information


The 2008-2009 E-BOARD

There are openings on the Executive Board for this year to be filled at one of our meetings this fall. Consider running for one of the positions, and attend our first meeting on September 11th to find out more!

President: Jane Flegal '09


Major: Politics & Environmental Studies
Home State: New Hampshire
Email: flega20j@mtholyoke.edu

Vice President: Maggie Enright '09


Majors: Politics
Home State: California
Email: enrig20m@mtholyoke.edu

Treasurer: Sreyashe Rashie Dhar '09


Major: Politics, History
Home State: Connecticut
Email: dhar20s@mtholyoke.edu

SGA Senators:

Name: Casey Maliszewski

Major:Sociology, Politics
Home State: New Jersey
Email: malis20c@mtholyoke.edu

Name: Amelia Nugent

Major:International Relations
Home State: Maine
Email: nugen20a@mtholyoke.edu

Public Relations Coordinator: Kate Crowther

Majors: Critical Social Thought
Home State: from Northampton, Ma, but lovingly adopted by Washington State
Email: crowt20k@mtholyoke.edu

Campaigns Coordinator : Brigid C. Hurn Maloney '11


Majors: Politics
Home State: California
Email: hurnm20b@mtholyoke.edu

Membership and Events Director : Cohl Miller


Majors: Studio Art and Politics
Home State: Connecticut
Email: mille22c@mtholyoke.edu

Secretary/Webmistress: Catherine Braine '11


Majors: Biochemistry
Home State: New York
Email: brain20c@mtholyoke.edu

Presidents Emeritus:

* Mica Meintel-Wade '08
* Natalie Cheng '07
Emily Lamia '06
Jill Ambrose '05