Medical Emergency: 413-538-2304
All other questions: Danielle Arshinoff (Director)


We serve the Mount Holyoke Community and are on call during the academic semester

Sunday-Thursday 6:00pm until Midnight
Fridays and Saturdays 7:00pm until 3:00am


Meetings take place at South Hadley Distric II Fire Department Sunday evenings at 8:00pm. All interested members are welcome!


Shifts are volunteer-based but there are additional opportunities throughout the semester to work paid shifts (e.g. horse shows, club sports, and reunions). Additionally, if you are an EMT there may be job opportunities to work at the Athletic Trainer's Office as a student athletic training aide, a position that hires three students each semester.


If you have a CPR/ first aid certification or an EMT certificate, you are welcome to join us!

Who we are

We are the EMT and first responder squad on campus. We work closely with the South Hadley District II fire department, which is only a short walk from Mount Holyoke's campus. We hold weekly meetings at their firehouse, where we are able to gain valuable advice about specific scenarios. MERT members also have the opportunity to attend continuing education classes hosted by District II and there is an opportunity to volunteer with District II to gain experience with 911 ambulance calls in the South Hadley community, whether you are an EMT or a first responder!



Do you have a medical emergency and the Health Center is NOT open?

Call MERT at 413-538-2304. From Sunday to Thursday you can call between 6pm and 12am, from Friday to Saturday you can call between 7pm and 3am.