J-Term Class

This class will teach students how to provide Basic Life Support services following the DOT EMT-B standards. Most classes of this nature take a few months to complete - as a result, this J-Term class is highly time-intensive. Classes will meet for several hours most days, and will require a fair amount of time outside of class for readings and practice.

Topics to be covered:

A $300 deposit is required to hold a space in the class, and this deposit is due by the end of November. Deposits can be slipped under the MERT office door (307 Blanchard). Please print the following form and include it when making your deposit: Registration Form

Frequently asked questions:

Through whom is this class offered?

This class is taught through Prehospital Emergency Care Educators, in conjunction with the Medical Emergency Response Team. Kevin Garvey, RN, EMT-I is the primary instructor.

Why does this class not show up on ISIS?

The EMT class is not offered through Mount Holyoke College - thus, it will not appear on ISIS and you will not get college credit for it.

Can I take the EMT exam in a different state?

You can, however it is usually easier to be certified in Massachusetts first and then apply for reciprocity. Kevin and the TAs will be able to help individual cases.

Is there an enrollment cap on the class?

The class is capped at 36, so sign up soon!

What payment methods do you accept?

We will take cash, checks, or money orders for both the deposit in November and the class in January.

Any other questions can also be sent to:

Make sure to put "J-Term EMT Class" in the subject line.