Emergency Medical Technician Course

Please check back for information on the next class offering!

Every academic year, MERT facilitates an EMT class taught by an instructor contracted through MERT for those looking to get EMT certified. The class covers how to provide basic life support (BLS) services following national and Massachusetts standards. After successful completion of the course, there is the opportunity to take practical and a written examinations. After passing these exams, applicants will earn national EMT certification and can then apply for Massachusetts state reciprocity. Mount Holyoke students who successfully complete the course are encouraged to join MERT.

Topics to be Covered:

Introduction to Emergency Care Training
Body Substance Isolation and other Well Being
Medical/Legal and Ethical Issues
Human Anatomy
Baseline Vital Signs and Sample History
Lifting and Moving Patients
Airway (includes support and oxygen use)
Scene size-up and Initial Assessment
Communications and Documentation
Bleeding and Shock
Soft Tissue Injuries
Musculoskeletal Care
Injuries to the Head, Spine, Chest, and Abdomen
General Pharmacology
Respiratory Emergencies
Cardiovascular Emergencies
Diabetes, Altered Mental Status
Environmental Emergencies
Behavioral Emergencies
Infants and Children
Ambulance Operations

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why does this Class not show up on Isis?
The EMT class is not offered through Mount Holyoke College - thus, it will not appear on ISIS and you will not get college credit for it.

Can I take the EMT exam in a different state?
You can, however it is usually easier to be certified in Massachusetts first and then apply for reciprocity. Individual case questions may be presented to board members.