Registered Student Org Directory

This is a complete list of all Registered Student Organizations. Individual organization websites are linked as available and updates are the responsibility of the student organization. Organizations are removed from this list only if they have not registered with our office for at least 2 consecutive years.

The Office of Student Programs has a policy of not spamming or forwarding solicitations to individual organizations. It is the responsibility of the groups to decide whether they will make their contact information public or not. Those seeking to contact a particular group for official College business are encouraged to contact us.

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CAUSE: Creating Awareness and Unity for Social Equality
Box 9121
Mission Statement: To enhance Mary Lyon's vision of leadership and engagement in the world by fostering student leadership and community building opportunities. To mobilize Mount Holyoke students towards action, raising their awareness of social responsibility by building bridges between the college and the surrounding communities. To encourage Mount Holyoke students to question the world beyond the gates of the college, inspiring them to develop a sustained commitment to social, political, and economic justice. To enrich the education of Mount Holyoke students by providing active leadership opportunities that allow students to develop their leadership skills in a supportive environment.
Cheerleading, MHC
Box 9026
MHC Cheerleading aims to support the MHC Basketball team while bonding as a squad in our common goal to engage the spirit of the Mount Holyoke College Community. All levels of ability and experience are welcomed and encouraged to join. Above all we have fun and improve our cheerleading skills.
Chemistry and Biochemistry Club
Box 9101
The Chemistry and Biochemistry Club encourages students to nurture and share their appreciation of these subjects through casual presentations and group discussions. The meetings also serve to facilitate social networking between current students and alumnae in the chemistry and biochemistry majors. Additionally, we will organize events featuring fun activities with educational value in order to generate interest in chemistry and biochemistry within the general student population. With support and guidance from the Chemistry Department, we hope to promote cooperative learning outside the classroom.
Chinese Christian Fellowship, MHC
Box 9117
Chinese Christian Fellowship is a gathering of Chinese students that follow Christ or simply are interested in Christianity or the Bible. We have activities that are informative and educational, and we also form a support group and encourage each other by sharing and studying the Bible.
Chinese Cultural Association (CCA)
Box 9027
The Chinese Cultural Association (CCA) is an organization dedicated to helping students learn about and share the Chinese culture and it's beauties. We seek to promote multicultural awareness at Mount Holyoke College and the surrounding communities. We hope to foster a sense of community among its members, to create a family aboard. In addition we also want people in our communities to experience new customs and traditions that make up the Chinese Culture. We want to also note that you are not required to be Chinese to be a member. The Chinese Cultural Association at MHC welcomes anyone who wants to learn more about our culture, make new friends, or anyone that just wants have a good time!
Chinese Dance Club
Box 9087
The mission of Chinese Dance Club is to strengthen and increase the flexibility of body, inculcate the appreciation of beauty through dance movement and to promote Chinese culture, especially that of ethnic minorities to more of the student body in MHC.
Box 9035
Mission Statement: To provide a fun, friendly ensemble in which students of varied musical skills can work together to perform choral works of all genres at a high level. It is one of the Mount Holyoke's three choral ensembles and performs in multiple concerts throughout the year, including Vespers.
Class of 2016
Box 9051
Class Board 2016 serves to unify Mount Holyoke's class of 2016 by upholding treasured traditions.
Class of 2017
Box 9118
We are a vehicle for communication and support for the class of 2017. We aim to promote unity and class pride, as well as serve as a link between the student body and the administration.
Class of 2018
Box 9014
Class of 2019
Climate Justice Coalition, MHC
Box 9130
MH Climate Justice Coalition seeks to redirect Mount Holyoke College's investments away from the fossil fuel industry in order to build a sustainable future by upholding Mary Lyon's vision of purposeful engagement in the world.
Club Sports Council
Box 9013
The mission of the MHC CSC is to enhance the overall club sport athlete experience by maintaining a commitment to academic and athletic excellence and promoting meaningful engagement of club sport athletes in the athletic, campus and local communities.
Coalition for Gender Awareness (COGA)
Box 9088
The Coalition for Gender Awareness supports and affirms the various gender identities existing within the Mount Holyoke Community through the cultivation of a safe space, educational outreach, advocacy, and visibility. We seek to engage our community members in respectful dialogue in order to reach mutual understanding and foster a campus free of discrimination. CoGA hopes to serve as an inspiration, not just for the Pioneer Valley, but for what is possible in the world. We aim to work as a liaison between marginalized groups (specifically individuals of variant gender) and the power structures here on campus. One of our major goals is to give those silenced individuals a chance to have their voices heard.
College Democrats
Box 9032
Powerful and Progressive students creating positive change. We are a chapter of both The College Democrats of MA and The College Democrats of America.
College Republicans
Box 9033
MHCR Mission Statement: To encourage bipartisan conversation and debate on campus, to bring Republican and conservative speakers to campus, to educate the Mount Holyoke community on the Republican Party's platform and ideology, and to provide conservative Mount Holyoke women with a political network within the New England region.
Computer Science Society
Box 9060
The Computer Science Society of Mount Holyoke College (CSSoc) is a group of engaged and passionate student leaders and computer science students who aim to foster a supportive, open and empowered community of computer scientists and engineers on campus. CSSoc also strives to academically, professionally, and socially support current and prospective computer science students and to promote computer science and engineering on campus, the Five College consortium and the surrounding South Hadley community.
Conscious Poet Society
Box 9015
The goal of the Conscious Poets Society is to use our poetry and spoken word as a means to raise awareness about issues and intersections that matter to us. As a group of "conscious artists", we are able to use our art and passion to communicate important issues. We welcome all poets, writers, actors, activists, and lovers of performance.