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This is a complete list of all Registered Student Organizations. Individual organization websites are linked as available and updates are the responsibility of the student organization. Organizations are removed from this list only if they have not registered with our office for at least 2 consecutive years.

The Office of Student Programs has a policy of not spamming or forwarding solicitations to individual organizations. It is the responsibility of the groups to decide whether they will make their contact information public or not. Those seeking to contact a particular group for official College business are encouraged to contact us.

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M&Cs A Cappella
Box 9066
The M&Cs come together through passion and dedication to make beautiful music. It is an important part of the purpose of the M&Cs to foster the growth and confidence of each member as a singer, a musician, as an individual, and as a group member. We challenge ourselves and each other to do our best, and we learn from each other how to be better. Each member has frequent opportunities to be a leader in the group. The M&Cs serves as a support network for each and every member. The many skills, talents, and contributions of each and every member, which the group showcases, are essential. It is our goal to create great music, which requires much hard work, but simultaneously brings the reward of the fun that comes with attaining the goals we set through successful song arrangements, performances, CD recordings, and other group activities. While it is our main goal to make beautiful music, being the best group we can be is paramount: group unity and our ability to come together is essential. We cannot complete our mission of making beautiful music together without all of us being respectful, compatible, and cohesive as a group. Together, we make beautiful music and have fun doing it.
MEChA de Mount Holyoke
Box 9068
MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) is an organization which seeks to empower the Chicana/o community through political activism and education. It began in the 1960s as part of the Chicano Movement. In March of 1969, over one thousand Chicana/o students gathered for the National Chicano Youth Liberation Conference in Denver, Colorado, sponsored by Crusade for Justice, the first Raza civil rights organization in the US. It was followed a month later by a larger conference at the University of California in Santa Barbara. The documents written at these two conferences, El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan and El Plan de Santa Barbara, called for some community empowerment, cultural recognition, appreciation of a sense of history, Chicana/o studies at all levels of education, political involvement and greater access to education. One of the ways to achieve those goals was the creation of MEChA. Soon after, many different Chicano, Mexican-American and Latino student organizations took up the name and ideas across the country. The purpose of MEChA at Mount Holyoke College is to provide a forum Chicana/o activism in the political sphere encompassing, but not limited to, social, cultural, and educational issues. MEChA is committed to seek an end to the exploitation of the Chicana/o community, to raise awareness of Chicana/o issues through self-education, and to recruit amongst the youth in order to promote self-determination.
Box 9028
Bringing Medicine, Education, and Development to Low-Income Families Everywhere.
MERT-Medical Emergency Response Team
Box 9076
The Mount Holyoke Medical Emergency Response Team exists to provide basic life support services to the Mount Holyoke College Community during our hours of operation while maintaining professionalism, confidentiality, and the highest standard of care.
MHACASA - Mount Holyoke African and Caribbean Student Association
Box 9070
The Mount Holyoke African and Caribbean Student Association was formed in January 1993 out of the need for an organization that puts issues of Africa and the Caribbean at the top of its agenda. MHACASA is an organization in which African and Caribbean students can come together and educate one another and the Mount Holyoke community about the place from which they come, and thus make a concerted efforts to eradicate the stereotypes created by mass media and ignorance.
MHC Economics Society
Box 9021
The Economics Society of Mount Holyoke College aims to provide a forum for discussion, both of current issues in economics and of opportunities to practically engage with the academic field. We seek to make conversations about contemporary economic challenges accessible to students of all disciplines at Mount Holyoke. The purpose of this organization is to foster lively and diverse conversations about economics and other subjects related to it. Our objective is to impact the community in a way that inculcates critical thinking through the provision of tools enabling the application of classroom knowledge into empirical reality. We will provide a space for those interested in economics to engage with professors. We will also invite speakers and host events that meet the objectives of the of the society. The Economics Society of Mount Holyoke will also connect with the Career Development Center and conduct workshops specifically for Economics Majors. These workshops apart from the other CDC workshops will concentrate mainly on how Economics Majors should network, apply for jobs (write cover letters, make resumes), and assist econ majors in every way possible.
MHC Planned Parenthood Generation Action
Box 9056
PP Generation Action MHC is a chapter of the nationwide network of young organizers and activists across the country who organize events on their campuses and in their communities to mobilize advocates for reproductive freedom; in addition to raising public awareness about reproductive health and rights, educating young people about sexual health, and creating lasting change in those communities. Planned Parenthood Generation Action is committed to building a robust, national network of young leaders and arming them with the tools needed to create change through a range of national campaigns, conferences, and leadership opportunities. Furthermore, this unique network acknowledges and supports the dynamic perspectives and intersectional framework that young people are using to connect reproductive health to other issue like civil rights, immigration, the environment, and identity politics. Young people are turning out and turning up in the fight for reproductive rights and access. This is our space. Stay tuned for updates for this NEW org at Mount Holyoke! This is Planned Parenthood Generation Action!
MHCUlt (Ultimate Frisbee)
Box 9079
We aim to embody the "spirit of the game" both on and off the field, and compete to the best of our ability. We strive to grow and develop as a team together and bring this spirit to the MHC community, all the while growing as individuals, and establishing strong connections with other Ultimate teams in the Pioneer Valley and New England.
Model United Nations (MUN)
Box 9072
MHCMUN is a wholly student run organization comprised of a committed and dedicated membership. Our members engage in a variety of on-campus and off-campus initiatives. MHCMUN is a unique organization in that it offers a number of opportunities to represent the College on the larger intercollegiate Model United Nations circuit, traveling across the country and internationally (when funding allows). To prepare for said conferences, MHCMUN holds weekly meetings on Sunday evenings filled with practice committee sessions and guest speakers. We hold trainings once week to prepare delegates for both Crisis and General Assembly conferences. To further prepare our delegates, we hold mini-conferences each semester to hone our "in-the-moment" negotiation skills. The Five College Model United Nations Conference, too, is a favored MHCMUN activity in which we co-host, along with other Model UN organizations in the Five College Consortium, our very own intercollegiate conference. Throughout the year, either with these other organizations or on our own, we host a number of on-campus events for both the community at large as well as for MHCMUN.
MoHealth Peer Health Educators
Box 9144
Our goal is to make factual information not only accessible to every MHC student, but also to develop fun, creative, educational, and interactive programs that reach the entire MHC and surrounding community so that students can develop the tools needed to make informed choices about all aspects of their health.
Moneta: The Mount Holyoke Writer's Collective
Box 9024
Moneta: The Mount Holyoke Writer's Guild strives to foster an active literary community on campus through readings, other events, and its publication, Moneta.
Mount Holyoke Christian Fellowship
Box 9057
Mount Holyoke Christian Fellowship, affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is an interdenominational, multiethnic family of faith open to all Christian and curious Mount Holyoke students. MHCF exists to introduce students to Jesus Christ, encourage students to grow in relationship with Christ, and to actively love the Mount Holyoke community.
Mount Holyoke Folk Music and Dance Society
Box 9053
FMDS strives to create an inclusive folk community by teaching, practicing, and promoting traditional dance and song styles both on and off campus. We will host trips to nearby dances and festivals, and with time and support, this community hopes to bring these traditions to Mount Holyoke through a regular dance series. This organization exists to provide a space that is accepting and inclusive of all people regardless of gender, race, sexuality, ability, or socioeconomic status.
Mount Holyoke German Club
Box 9049
We strive to educate fellow students about the German culture, defy common stereotypes, and create an inclusive space for anyone interested in Germany and German speaking cultures/countries.
Mount Holyoke Glee Club
Box 9077
The purpose of Mount Holyoke Glee Club is to provide its members a musical community. We develop musicianship through exploring varied classical, contemporary, and folk-derived repertoire and collaborating with orchestra and men's choruses. We also strive to serve the Mount Holyoke community and communities at large through hosting concerts, touring, participating in outreach programs, and upholding traditions.
Mount Holyoke Koinonia Fellowship
Box 9016
The vision of MHKF is to make Gospel-centered disciples grounded in a community both here at Mount Holyoke and in the 5 colleges. We hope to serve our community by connecting others to campus small groups, churches in the pioneer valley, and other nation-wide organizations. Our goals are to grow individuals' faith, connect to our sisters and brothers, and serve our communities.
Mount Holyoke News
Box 9007
Mount Holyoke News is Mount Holyoke's independent student newspaper since 1917. MHN provides news and information of immediate interest to Mount Holyoke and to serve as a public forum for members of the MHC community.
Mount Holyoke Pie Circle
Box 9103
We aim to provide a source of relief for the stress culture here on campus and to help students explore a stress relieving activity. This club will provide people with a fun, friendly, and safe space to experience a new hobby or practice their existing talent. In addition, the club is a great opportunity for students with no prior baking experience who otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn. We believe that baking can be a therapeutic activity and baking club can provide a space for this.
Mount Holyoke Pre-Law Association
Box 9082
The purpose of the Pre-Law Association is to increase awareness about the scholarly study of law and to facilitate the implementation of such study of this society. It is the vision of the Pre-Law society to offer assistance to students at Mount Holyoke College by helping them make informed decisions in selecting law as a career, the application process and determining a law school. In addition to create a forum where the passion of law can be explored and shared amongst the students. We want to provide resources for students interested in pursuing a professional career in the legal justice system including meeting professionals in the field, developing an alumni mentor system and provide a peer based support system during the time at MHC. This organization is open to all students currently enrolled at MHC. Members will have opportunities to showcase their goals, aspirations, and questions pertaining to the forum of law school admittance through discourse carried out during monthly organization meetings and additional workshops, socials and talks.
Mount Holyoke Symphony Orchestra
Box 9104
The Mount Holyoke Symphony Orchestra is a fun, passionate, diverse, and welcoming community of musicians dedicated to performing a variety of musical genres through unique concert experiences in the community and beyond.
Multi-Faith Council
Box 9043
Our mission statement is to bring students from different backgrounds together for weekly discussions about religion and to bring interfaith awareness to the Mount Holyoke campus.
Muslim Student Association
Box 9108
Mount Holyoke College's Muslim Students Association (MSA) allows every student the opportunity to gather with an encouraging body of Muslims and gain education about the Islamic communities through our events and activities. MSA members are welcomed to be any type of students, including but not limited to people of all gender, race, ethnicity, and faith groups. We warmly invite everyone regardless of their knowledge of Islam and encourage them to become knowledgeable of Islam.