Registered Student Org Directory

This is a complete list of all Registered Student Organizations. Individual organization websites are linked as available and updates are the responsibility of the student organization. Organizations are removed from this list only if they have not registered with our office for at least 2 consecutive years.

The Office of Student Programs has a policy of not spamming or forwarding solicitations to individual organizations. It is the responsibility of the groups to decide whether they will make their contact information public or not. Those seeking to contact a particular group for official College business are encouraged to contact us.

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Rainbow Jelly Dance Club
Box 9071
Our purpose is to attract people who are interested in Korean pop dancing from different walks of life and bring them into one performing entity. We want to share our passion for K-pop and Korean culture. We also want to boost female empowerment through powerful and confident choreography. We perform for different club and organization events, especially Asian cultural and ethnic ones.
Raqs MHC
Box 9067
Raqs MHC provides a fun environment in which to learn and perform Egyptian, American Cabaret, and Tribal Fusion forms of Bellydance in group that embraces and supports all body types.
Raunak Bhangra Dance Team
Box 9174
Bhangra is a traditional folk dance originating in Punjab, a region that spans both India and Pakistan. With its high energy beats, Bhangra music has often been remixed with hip-hop and rap. Raunak Bhangra was established in 2004. Since then, the team has grown stylistically with the input of our audiences and members alike. As the team continues to grow, they hope to spread the knowledge of Bhangra and its culture to the college community and around the Pioneer Valley.
Box 9153
The Renegades mission is to provide members of the Mount Holyoke College community with role-playing opportunities in an informal setting. The Renegades will be a safe haven for the adventurers trapped within, unless we're playing Paranoia, as well as a pool of resources for students and faculty/staff.
Roosevelt @ Mount Holyoke College
Box 9045
Roosevelt at MHC is the Mount Holyoke chapter of a national cohort called the Roosevelt Institute. Roosevelt is dedicated to bringing together thinkers and doers. It aims to reimagine the rules that guide our social and economic realities. In short: we write policy and facilitate discussion that prompts change of the state of the world we're in. We note a problem, and we bring the solutions.
Rugby Football Club
Box 9090
The MHCRFC seeks to promote the club sport of women's rugby at Mount Holyoke, create a supportive and safe environment for new players to learn the sport, develop our skills through friendly competition, and bond together as a team.
Russian Club
Box 9050
Russian Club's mission is to educate the community on topics pertaining to Russian and Eurasian history and culture, as well as provide a space where Russian speaking students can come together.