Registered Student Org Directory

This is a complete list of all Registered Student Organizations. Individual organization websites are linked as available and updates are the responsibility of the student organization. Organizations are removed from this list only if they have not registered with our office for at least 2 consecutive years.

The Office of Student Programs has a policy of not spamming or forwarding solicitations to individual organizations. It is the responsibility of the groups to decide whether they will make their contact information public or not. Those seeking to contact a particular group for official College business are encouraged to contact us.

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SAAFE--Substance Abuse Awareness for Everyone - Not Registered
Box 9142
SAAFE is a group of MHC students who are trained by the Health Education Coordinator for the purpose of providing alcohol and other drug education and outreach on campus and to student groups. SAAFE also sponsors alcohol-free events and participates in other drug awareness events.
Sacred Symphonies
Box 9115
To spread the love and gospel of Jesus Christ through song, ministration, building relationships and supporting each other; thus contributing to the establishment of God's kingdom here on earth.
Sailing Club, MHC
Box 9120
The mission of the Sailing Team is to educate students about the sport of sailing, to encourage students to participate in sailing, and to teach racing techniques and tactics. The joint team will promote cross campus participation and teamwork while competing within the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association (NEISA)
SHRI , Sisters of Hinduism Reaching Inwards
Box 9145
Our mission is to provide Hindu students a place to celebrate their culture, and a place for members of the Mount Holyoke community to learn more about Hinduism.
Sisters in Science (SIS)
Box 9093
Sisters in Science is a student organization with the objective to support women in science by helping to build a strong network and to make science accessible and understandable to the general public.
Society of Art Goddesses - Not Registered
Box 9157
The Society of Art Goddesses, supported by the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, engages the campus community with a broad range of artworks, artists, and artistic ideas through student-centered museum events like behind the scenes tours, trips to local arts organizations/artist studios, art career panels, networking, movie nights and more. Members receive free admission to the museums visited on trips and advance notice of events at the MHCAM.
Society of Physics Students
Box 9119
The mission of the Society of Physics Students is to get people excited about physics and to create a physics community.
Spanish Club
Box 9158
Our Mission is to provide a relaxed and open environment for students in the 5-college consortium to practice conversational Spanish while attending special events designed to highlight aspects of Spanish, Latin American and Caribbean culture.
Student Art Board (SAB)
Box 9098
The Student Art Board is a campus organization run by students dedicated to making the visual arts more visible on campus. The Board strives to foster campus-wide appreciation of the arts by organizing exhibits in The Blanchard Student Art Gallery. It extends student exposure to the arts beyond the campus through trips to various art museums and exhibits in and beyond the Pioneer Valley.
Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
Box 9099
The mission of the Mount Holyoke College (MHC) Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to enhance the overall student-athlete experience by maintaining a commitment to academic and athletic excellence and promoting meaningful engagement of student-athletes in the athletic, campus, and local communities.
Student Coalition For Action (SCA)PA - Not Registered
Box 9100
Organization will mobilize and educate members of Mount Holyoke and the Five College Community on progressive social issues, especially those that affect women, students, and minorities.
Student Government Association (SGA)
Box 9009
We, the students of Mount Holyoke College have organized ourselves into a student government in order to: I. Provide a productive tool for students in governing their non-academic lives and academic interests at the College. II. Articulate and represent matters pertinent to the students and other constituencies of the College. III. Establish and maintain communications channels among students, faculty, administrators, and trustees.
Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI)
Box 9006
The mission of the organization is to raise awareness about the prison industrial complex, political prisoners, and recidivism. We feel the aforementioned are the fundamental issues of our generation and can only be addressed through radical and militant Black activism linked to previous social movements but revised for a 21st century context.
Students for a Free Tibet
Box 9102
Students for a Free Tibet (SFT) works in solidarity with the Tibetan people in their struggle for freedom and independence. Through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action, we campaign for Tibetans' fundamental right to political freedom.