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This is a complete list of all Registered Student Organizations. Individual organization websites are linked as available and updates are the responsibility of the student organization. Organizations are removed from this list only if they have not registered with our office for at least 2 consecutive years.

The Office of Student Programs has a policy of not spamming or forwarding solicitations to individual organizations. It is the responsibility of the groups to decide whether they will make their contact information public or not. Those seeking to contact a particular group for official College business are encouraged to contact us.

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Box 9069
MHC Taal, which was founded on the principle of empowerment through the collaboration of Mount Holyoke students of all backgrounds, is a Bollywood and Hip Hop fusion performance- based dance team on campus. Taal encourages the equal participation of all members in all aspects of the organization, including choreography, rehearsals, creative marketing, management, budgeting, performance opportunities, teamwork, and leadership. Founded by a unique interest in Bollywood and hip hop dance styles, Taal has expanded into a formal performance based team that choreographs all its own dance pieces and performs throughout the Five College Consortium. Initial interest in the fusion of Bollywood and hip hop has grown to include most recently the study of classical Indian and other dance styles. Taal includes interested students of any dance experience (be it the first time the student has ever danced in a performance setting or if the student has been dancing for years) and seeks to serve as an informal forum for transcultural, interfaith, and socio economic dialogue. In Taal, we engage in challenging yet powerful work that brings us together, and we seek to serve as an outlet for personal and academic endeavors as well as social and intellectual passions. We hope to educate the community about our principles, our process, and the dance styles we perform.
Tea Club
Our mission is to provide relaxing and welcoming tea times for tea lovers of all types and further our tea education by studying different teas and tea drinking styles. Tea time changes every semester via vote at the start of the semester, but so far we have usually hold meetings during late weekday/weekends. We are mainly focused on premium tea from many parts of the world from China to Africa and beyond. Anyone and their friends are free to attend, relax, talk, and chill during tea time. Mandatory attendance is not required, but we would love if people can stop by for a cup if they're too busy to stay. We also hold special events for SGA and other MHC organizations as well.
The F-Word
Box 9011
We embrace all feminists of the world as we come together to realize gender equality. All forms of oppression intersect; to deconstruct gender inequality we must deconstruct all inequalities. We host dialogues, engage in local and national activism, release publications, provide a platform for debate, and organize projects and events in order to raise consciousness on our campus and in the wider community.
Treble effect
Box 9140
Treble Effect is Mount Holyoke's show choir group. We showcase the performance talents of MHC students within the show choir genre. To promote teamwork, self confidence and fun as a choir that sings, dances and provides a visual effect that is as strong as the sung music.