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This is a complete list of all Registered Student Organizations. Individual organization websites are linked as available and updates are the responsibility of the student organization. Organizations are removed from this list only if they have not registered with our office for at least 2 consecutive years.

The Office of Student Programs has a policy of not spamming or forwarding solicitations to individual organizations. It is the responsibility of the groups to decide whether they will make their contact information public or not. Those seeking to contact a particular group for official College business are encouraged to contact us.

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Vegan Revolution - Not Registered
Box 9106
The Vegan Revolution encourages the MHC and the Five College community to become aware of the connection between their personal values and choices, and live their lives consistent with their belief systems. We inform community members about the ways in which the detrimental impacts of our daily habits, particularly our dietary habits, are amplified on global scale. We expose the true conditions of animals in factory farms, the health risks posed by consuming animal products and the massive destruction of environment during the production of meat, dairy and eggs. We would like our community members to experience the truth in these principles and apply them to their personal life by adopting a vegan and animal product-free lifestyle. To achieve our goal, we directly collaborate with students, faculty and staff to organize and direct campaigns and events, and distribute vegan literature, containing facts and figures. By making connected choices as a community, we make conditions more sustainable and harmonious for the coexistence of all sentient beings and their future generations on this planet.
Verbosity Literary Magazine - Not Registered
Box 9112
We are dedicated to bringing women's voices to the forefront and providing a student publication of the creative work of the Mount Holyoke community.
Victory Eights (V8s) A Cappella
Box 9111
As the nation's oldest, continuing, all-female a cappella group, the V8s are committed to bringing their audience the best of jazz and pop!
Vietnamese Student Association
Box 9114
Established in 2003, MHC VSA (Mount Holyoke College Vietnamese Student Association) is a student organization located in South Hadley, Massachusetts. We provide a warm and casual environment and offer a myriad of social and educational activities that promote the Vietnamese culture. We seek to rekindle the essence and beauty of Vietnam through dance, music, discussion, and of course, food. As a 5-college organization, we frequently collaborate with Vietnamese associations within the Pioneer Valley: Smith College, Amherst College, Hampshire College, and Umass-Amherst.
Vovinam - Not Registered
Box 9122
Vietnamese martial art is a synthesis of martial arts and philosophy. Its technique is initially structured to provide both artistic and realistic physical training for Vietnamese people, who are not significantly strong and tall. For stressing the value of the balance between physical and mental strength throughout its practice, Vovinam has become popular around the globe despite its relatively young presence of 80 years old. Vovinam incorporates strength and flexibility into its variety of training including basic martial art moves, self-defense, art forms with or without weapons, leg technique, and fall technique. Its philosophy values hard working and conscientious trainees who use martial arts skills to defend themselves. Presented at Mount Holyoke College as an artistic sport club, Vovinam club will concentrate on basic martial arts training, art forms, and basic self-defense. Vovinam club hopes to empower females and provide a fun, healthy and useful extracurricular activity through weekly artful workouts.