Korean/ Korean Americans

KASA is a place for celebrating Korean culture and heritage. Our events vary from eating yummy food to advocating for human rights in PRK. In the ever-globalized society, intercultural exchange is inevitable. We believe it is up to us to understand our own heritage and create an environment where we can accurately portray and share our culture.

Anyone with an interest

KASA does not discriminate on the basis of religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation. You don't have to be Korean or Korean American to be part of KASA! We only ask that you are willing to learn, respect, and celebrate the Korean culture. Only one catch, you have to be a Mount Holyoke College student to join.


KASA puts emphasis on participation from all of our members. Our activities and events foster unity and solidarity among our members. We are a community; students are able to bond with other members and create lifelong friendships. We are a one big cultural family!

Association/ Organization

KASA is one of many student organizations present on Mount Holyoke College campus. We are a cultural organization that aims to increase the awareness of Korean culture in Mount Holyoke community and the Five College area.

Mission Statement

KASA aims to increase awareness of Korean and Korean-American issues both on and off campus and help the first- and second-generation minorities establish and define their identities through events, and cultural education.