K. Will "Please Don't" MV

by Beverly Poon on October 18, 2012

Kim Hyung Soo (a.k.a K.will), under his label Starship Entertainment, recently released his new album on October 11th. He is known in the industry as a ballad singer as well as an accomplished composer and song writer with many accolades to his name. One of the songs on this album, entitled '이러지마 제발 (Please don't...)' was released on Youtube as the promoted track. The song itself is very appealing, with a sad sound that sort of echoes in the ear.

The video that accompanied it was also interesting to note, namely, the ending. It was not merely eye candy that came with the song, but also a reflection of modern society's slowly changing views on an issue that had remained mostly untouched for a long time.

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Gangnam Style!

by Boyoung Yun on September 28, 2012

There are global cultural phenomena, and then there is “Gangnam Style.” The viral video for that Korean pop song has racked up over 400 million views on YouTube, becoming the most-liked video in the site’s history. “Gangnam Style” has reached No. 1 on the charts in Britain and No. 2 so far in the United States, and it also topped the download list in China. ‘Gangnam Style’ is the song that sung by PSY who is Korean singer. Its hilarious dance called ‘Horse dance’ makes people feel more interesting in that music. There are many version of parodies on YouTube.

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