Katie Logwood


CLASS: 2009
MAJOR: Mathematics
MINOR: Psychology
HOMETOWN: Washington, DC
FAVORITE COOKIE: oatmeal with chocolate chips and walnuts

THINGS I LOVE: long hugs, a good pair of jeans, hammocks, math jokes, my bright yellow Pirelli costume, hands, sneaking around mission-impossible style, love notes from my friends, singing country music loudly and obnoxiously, puzzles, winning things on ebay, down comforters and lots of pillows on NOT-twin beds, defeating functional-fixedness when it comes to making Vegas Night outfits, cryptograms, green jolly ranchers, saga blue cheese.

THINGS I DISLIKE: when the bottoms of your pants get wet and you can't sit cross-legged, bad breath, waking up early, pimples, humidity, those days when pitch escapes you, stuffy noses, sleeping on couches, uncomfortable elevator rides, asymmetrical things.

FAVORITE QUOTE: "He was born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mad"