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Information - Basic information on the collective, pagans/wiccans, our mission statement, our business card, symbolism and other.
Contact - How to get in touch with us.
Site - Credits and official matters.
Map - You are here: how to get around.
Beyond Broomsticks - Private Social Site for members of the collective.
Paths - The different paths and callings of the pagan/wiccan world.
Ramblings - Accounts of different activities of the collective or things relating to the pagan/wiccan world.
Upcoming Events - Activities for the future.
News - Official news of the collective.
May Pageant - Information on the May Pageant, what is is, what has happened in the past, and when it will be this year.

Any questions please direct to d.wooding.

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Mount Holyoke College Pagan/Wiccan Collective

Mount Holyoke College
50 College Street
South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075

To contact the college, call 413-538-2000.
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