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As of 11-3-07, the PWC website is being updated by someone who's forgotten all the HTML she knows and thinks that CSS is horribly newfangled, so weirdness may ensue. Suggestions for content updates are appreciated.

Website space belongs to Mount Holyoke College.

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Created by D. Woodling on Feb. 4, 2003. Site renovation started in Nov. 2007 by C.T.Sterne

Photos unless otherwise noted by Paul Schnaittacher.

Brushes: If you recognize any of the brushes used on this site please e-mail the webmaster and proper credit will be given (the original links for these brushes have since been lost).

The Mount Holyoke College Pagan and Wiccan Collective is an official student organization funded in part by the SGA.

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Mount Holyoke College Pagan/Wiccan Collective

Mount Holyoke College
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To contact the college, call 413-538-2000.
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