Sexual Health Educators

Want to be a SHE
(Sexual Health Educator)?

Pick up an application outside of Blanchard 309 or Health Center 131, or download one here on the website, just click on "Application!"

Applications are due on March 16, 2007.

Contact Amanda (avkimbal) or Mishka (mmurad) with further questions.


Mission Statement

S.H.E. is a peer education group dedicated to providing accurate sexual health information and fostering an open and safe environment that breaks down stereotypes by reaching out to the diverse communities of Mount Holyoke College.

Our continuing goal is to ensure awareness of current and longstanding issues in women's sexual health through open, interactive teaching workshops and conversations. We invite you to attend or request a workshop where you will have the opportunity to both ask questions and answer them -- to both teach and be taught.


History of S.H.E.

The Sexual Health Educator (S.H.E.) program at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, was founded in 1990. The organization was originally created as an educational session for students wanting better access to various forms of contraception.
As a result, the model evolved into a program that allowed for trained students to educate their peers in the areas of contraceptive health, gyn exams, breast exams, women's health, sexually transmitted infections, etc. 
Topic workshops are held frequently during the fall semester, while the spring semester is dedicated to larger, more specific projects, such as lectures, sexual health fairs, designing educational games, and creating educational posters.








S.H.E. Workshop Schedule

**Spring 2007 Schedule TBA**

* All workshops take place in the dorm living rooms and begin at 8:00 pm.

2004-2005 Sex & Candy Dorm Tour

 Day of the Week  Date  Dorm
Monday 27-Sep 1837
Tuesday 5-Oct Pearsons
Wednesday 6-Oct Ham
Thursday 14-Oct Wilder



South Rocky

Tuesday 26-Oct Brigham
Monday 8-Nov South Mandelle
Tuesday 9-Nov Dickinson
Wednesday 10-Nov North Rocky
Wednesday 17-Nov Porter
Monday 6-Dec North Mandelle
Tuesday 7-Dec Buckland
Wednesday 8-Dec Safford

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S.H.E. 2006-2007 Fall Training!

S.H.E. 2004-2005

DINDIN ! Guess what our dinner conversation was about!

Our Sexcellent Graduate Intern from UMass' School of Public Health!

Discussion time!

S.H.E. group archives


S.H.E. Application

Are you interested in becoming a S.H.E.?

We are currently accepting applications for Spring 2007!

The deadline is March 16, 2007.

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Interested in finding out more information about sexual health?

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Contact Info

Karen Jacobus
Coordinator of Health Education
  131 Health Center 
and 309 Blanchard Student Center

  Updated 2/28/06