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The following application is due on Friday March 16th at 5PM in Blanchard 309 along with two letters of recommendation: one from a peer and one from a faculty, staff, or hall committee member.
1. What is motivating you to apply to be a Sexual Health Educator?

2. What prior training, experience, or knowledge do you have regarding sexual health issues?

3. Describe your ability and prior experiences in creating a confidential, open and reliable discussion forum.

4. What areas of sexual health awareness or knowledge do you know the most about?  The least?

5. Do you know of any issues related to sexual health that could be better addressed at Mount Holyoke College?

6. Being a SHE requires a serious commitment; we meet at least twice a month and have various activities we take part in outside of our meetings.  What other academic, personal, and extracurricular responsibilities would you have to balance in order to be a productive and effective member?

7. Have you ever attended a SHE workshop? Yes_____  No______
If yes, when did you attend the session, and are there any comments you have about it?


If no, what knowledge do you have about the group’s mission and community activity that draws you to apply?  How did you acquire this knowledge?


8. List at least three of your greatest strengths and weaknesses as a person, especially pertaining to collaborative work with other individuals.


9. Will you be able to attend a half-day (9AM to 1PM) SHE Orientation on Saturday,  April 21, 2007? Yes_____  No______
Submit your application by 5PM on Friday March 16th. If your recommendations are not ready, you have until Wednesday March 28th to get these to us.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact:
Amanda Kimball(avkimbal)or Mishka Murad(mmurad)