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All officers must attend 3 practices each week and games regularly.


  • The President of the Club is the chair of all board meetings.  The President of the club is also the chair of all Annual Meetings, including those  wherein amendments of the constitution, elections, and other special meetings might be conducted.  The President is expected to maintain an orderly process in conducting meetings. Presidency includes the responsibility of ensuring that all other Board members are keeping up with their duties, and doing/delegating those duties if they are not being met. The President is the club’s first representative and is expected to represent the club at club functions, with affiliated rugby union(s), attending (or finding someone to attend) SGA meetings, calling Board Meetings, and coordinating with the Student Activities Office.  The President represents rugby as its voting member of the Club Sports Council.  In the event that the President is elected to chair the Council, only then can this seat be delegated to another member.  The President is expected to abide by the constitution and uphold the articles therein.  The President will also have the most contact with NERFU and will be in charge of CIPP forms.


  • The Captains are responsible for, in conjunction with the Coaches, organizing the practices and games as well as keeping attendance. The Captains are the team leaders in regards to the scheduling of practices and for ensuring that there is proper equipment for practices. The Captains are also responsible for the selection process and serves as the Chairs of the Selection Committee. The Captains are the field captains in all game situations unless they are unable to play, in which case they shall appoint a temporary on field captain. They are also responsible for maintaining a roster of active members. Such a roster should be up-dated for each Board meeting and for club functions.  Finally, it is highly recommended that there be one line captain and one scrum captain, though this is not a necessity.

Match and Field Secretary:

  • The Match Secretary is the officer charged with the task of organizing the club’s game schedule for the Fall and Spring seasons.  This individual must publish the schedule in advance of the season, and is responsible for coordinating with the other club’s schedule secretaries and the unions.  This individual will also be responsible for organizing directions for the clubs visiting Mount Holyoke College and for issuing directions to MHCRFC members and arranging transportation for away games.  The Match Secretary is responsible for coordinating the scheduling and the preparation of the athletic fields for home games.  The Match Secretary must notify the Kendall Field director at least 3 weeks before home games and give him/her a season game schedule a.s.a.p.  The Match Secretary is responsible for insuring that the fields are properly marked in accordance with the NERFU Laws of the Game, and that flags, goal posts, and cones are available for home games.  The Match Secretary is also responsible for coordinating changing facilities for the visiting team, for coordinating EMTs to be available for home games, and for arranging referees. The Match Secretary is also responsible for coordinating with the Treasurer for the purchase of equipment and for keeping the MedKit stocked at all times.


  • The Treasurer is responsible for collecting dues and keeping track of finances and informs the Board of the financial status of the club.  The Treasurer is also responsible for coordinating the budget with the Student Activities Office, the SGA, and the affiliated union(s).  The Treasurer is responsible for organizing jerseys, balls, equipment, T-shirts, and other club function purchases. The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing all fundraising functions and merchandise sales, and for coordinating with the Social Chairs on flyering, cash boxes, change and reserving spaces for those fundraising events. She is the liaison to all committees functioning in a fundraising capacity.


  • The manager will be responsible for establishing and implementing a system for organizing equipment and delegating equipment/laundry responsibilities and also coordinating team travel arrangements off campus.  The manager will work with the treasurer to make purchasing decisions for the team, taking into account input from the captains and the coach.  The manager will provide support to the social chairs and other board members as needed in planning and executing rugby events. 

Social Chairs:

  • Social Chairs: The Social Chairs are responsible for organizing the social reception traditionally following the conclusion of the home games and are also responsible for planning and organizing the Friday social hour(s). These individuals are responsible for the selection of the site of the reception and for the organizing the refreshments. These individuals work very closely with the with the Treasurer to ensure that there are sufficient funds for refreshments so that MHCRFC remains held in high regard by visiting clubs. When the team does fundraising and publicity, the Social Chairs are responsible for coordinating with the Treasurer in flyering, cash boxes, change and reserving spaces for those fundraising events.