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Mount Holyoke is the only small, liberal arts college in its region to host an active IHSA Western riding team. Like dressage, the western team is a club sport that gives students unique leadership opportunities as well as a competitive western riding experience. The team was founded in 2008 and is quickly growing into a force to be reckoned with in their region.


Organic Mattresses After a Long-Day's Ride

Whether you are riding a Western saddle or an English one, after a day of riding a horse and competing in Western competitions you will definitely feel sore in your body. Some Western riders like to take some time off and relax after a day on the horse and they swear that sleeping on a certified organic mattress is the key to preserving your body. Other people will tell you yoga and eating healthy; to each their own!

Rotary Encoders for Trailers
Traveling to Equestrian Competitions can take you all across the country, often driving long distances. It is nice to know that many parts of horse trailers are manufactured with the help of rotary optical encoder products. Accuracy and precision in Western competitions is just as important as in machine parts.

Short Term Rentals in Amsterdam for Western Competitions

Equestrian competitions are popular all over Europe. Even though it’s not traditional western riding, many Americans go to the Netherlands or Belgium for riding competitions. If you find yourself there, Amsterdam vacation rentals are excellent choices for students.


Spring 2014
Jan 24th - MHC IHSA Western Team Evals
Feb 1st - UCONN IHSA Show
Feb 2nd- UCONN IHSA Show
Feb 16th - UMASS IHSA Show
March 8th - MHC IHSA Home Show

Prospective and admitted students, please contact us if you are interested in western riding! We are always looking for new additions to our team, regardless of skill level.


More information coming soon!