Technology Help from LITS

Library, Information, and Technology Services (LITS)

Your Mount Holyoke email username and password provide access to MHC email, as well as access to network file storage space, Webspace, ella course sites, and ISIS course registration.

You can get Technology Help, including questions about your MHC username and password, email, network connection, or accessing LITS online services by:

  • emailing the LITS Helpdesk
  • calling x2600
  • IM: mhc2600
  • visiting the LITS helpdesk in the Information Commons

You can get Technology Training for LITS-supported software such as Dreamweaver and Photoshop via our LITS Student Peer2Peer training program. Workshops calendar, online Quick Start Guides, and eBooks are available.

Library Research Help is always available from the Research and Instructional Support (RIS) staff. Visit or email the Research Help Desk with questions. Visit the Research Help Desk to sign up for library workshops or register on the LITS website.

Before you can access the Internet from your computer on campus, you will need to register it on the MHC network. The first time you try to access a non-Mount Holyoke website you will be directed to the Network Registration page. Follow the directions on screen. The process involves updating your PC or Mac operating system and installing/updating the College’s McAfee Anti-Virus software. Once that is done, an automated system scan confirms compliance and validates your registration.

Downloading music or movies without proper clearance from the owner IS ILLEGAL. Gnutella, iMesh, Kazaa, and BitTorrent are tools used to share files in a way that infringes on the legal rights of copyright holders and incurs risk both for the person downloading and for the College. Copyright holders are aggressive in seeking legal action and pursuing violators. Without explicit permission from the copyright owner to download or share material, music/movies should be considered copyright protected; you should not download or share. Read more about Advice on Peer-to-Peer Filesharing...

Printing in the residence halls is free, but you must supply paper, available at the Campus Store located in Blanchard. Printing at a LITS lab costs $0.05/copy on black and white printers; $0.45/copy on color printers. LITS provides your One Card with $15.00 of LITS printing funds per semester. To print in a LITS Lab, swipe your One Card at a print release station. Instructions or help are nearby the release station.

Friend Mount Holyoke College LITS on Facebook or follow our blog. Free tea and cookies! LITS posts announcements of events (especially those with yummy cookies) on our Facebook page, and you can find news about LITS happenings, ask a librarian about your research project, view Archives and Special Collections photos of 170+ years of MHC history, and search for articles and books all on Facebook.

Notes on Cyber Etiquette

Being friendly, respectful, and polite can go a long way with your communication both in person and online. Consider these tips when sending email to faculty, campus support people, or anyone at Mount Holyoke.

Use your Mount Holyoke email account. MHC email is an official communication channel on campus. It identifies you as part of the Mount Holyoke community. Faculty can find your address easily in the College directory, and official College information is distributed via MHC email. You may forward your MHC email to another address using Webmail’s alternate email feature, but DO read it! Home >WebMail >WebShell > Email Forwarding

Begin email with a greeting and introduction. Address faculty and other College staff appropriately. "I can’t connect to the Internet" or "Can I take your class?" is not the way to start a message! Mount Holyoke faculty and staff members are supportive and helpful people, but they are not your peers. Address faculty with the title of professor unless you are asked to do differently.

DON’T SHOUT! You can use capital letters in emails but don’t type in all caps. Typing a word in all caps is done for emphasis. Typing an email in all caps is like emphasizing every single word in the message and it becomes more like shouting. It is considered rude by many and will adversely affect how people perceive you online. Keeping in mind a bit of cyber etiquette will make your recipient much more inclined to respond positively (or at all!) to your message.

If you expect a response, make sure you can receive it. Make sure you are reading your College email regularly. Do not give a long-distance cell phone number as the only method of contacting you. Set up your campus voicemail so you can receive messages.

Realize the Web presence you create while in college can follow you long after you graduate. Use your campus Webspace and other Web presences wisely. Your postings to sites like Facebook, MySpace, and blogs can be found by future potential employers, family, and just about anyone with access to a search engine.

Check out MHC Facebook Policies and Guidelines, and think about how you represent yourself on the Web.