2017-2018 Orientation Team

Lila Oren-Dahan ’20
“I love that Mount Holyoke has such a vast array of ways to get involved on campus.”
Zohar Berman ’20
“Mount Holyoke has given me room to learn self-respect and self-worth.”
Amelia Green ’20
“ I love the understanding network of students here and how everyone comes to be appreciative of each other's abilities and skill sets.”
Ashling Quinn ’18
“The people here are definitely what make the campus feel like MoHome.”
Heaven Hodge ’18
“I love the tradition of M&C's with Chef Jeff cookies”
Izzy Baird ’20
“I love the sense of community at Mount Holyoke.”
Lexie Salomone ’20
“My favorite part of being a Mount Holyoke student is the people!”
Miesha Moss '19
“I am so grateful for the connections that I have made with my peers, my professors, and the staff on campus.”
Xuefei “Faye” Chen ’18
“Everyone has passion towards something and is striving to be their best.”
Annie Effiong-Akpan ’18
“I enjoy being around amazing and inspiring peers!”
Christy Stang ’19
“Mount Holyoke makes me feel challenged and supported at the same time.”
Alicia Marie Crew ’18
“I have received support from people here to be my authentic self.”
Image of Nabeeha Noor
“Everyone here supports each other fiercely and even though we're all different.”
Leah Greenhaus ’17
“Mount Holyoke has has made me into a stronger, more confident individual.”
Katie Dick ’19
“I haven't found an interest of mine (political, musical, academic, or relating to any of my hobbies) that I haven't been able to talk to someone about!”
Rachel Yousman ’19
“Everyone is all about lifting up and empowering each other.”