2019-2020 Orientation Team

Miranda W
"The artistic communities in filmmaking and stage rehearsals has give me a second family and made MoHo my home away from home."
Jasmine F
"My favorite thing about MHC is how easy it is to get along with most people; feels homely."
Sophie Clingan ‘22
“I get to learn and grow from spontaneous conversations with friends, not just in classes! I’ve found a really supportive community here.”
Sam Nemivant '20
“I love how much the students here support one another, both inside and outside the classroom.”
Deena Chohan ‘21
“I love being part of Mount Holyoke’s diverse community and how we all come together to support and empower each other!!”
Emily Pollack '20
“My favorite things are the food, the architecture and the culture of phenomenal women.”
Erica DiScala '20
“My favorite part of MHC is how thoughtful and engaged our students and faculty are.”
Lynn S
"MHC has a vibrant and active atmosphere, from classes to student orgs. There is always something that you can get involved in."
Hannah Dubé ‘22
“My favorite part is the people!”
Ahona S
“I love my view of the lower lake from my massive dorm window in 1837!”
Regis (Kat) Reed ‘22
“The room for self exploration and growth.”
Dingdang W
"Moho is supporting me to do what I want and to be myself."
Janae Lewis '20
“Coming to MHC, I felt warm and supported by those within this community and I can truly say this helped me grow as a woman, an activist and a scholar.”
Abby Wester ’22
“The people, including the great student body and the supportive professors and staff.”
Zohar B
“I love Mount Holyoke starry nights on the green.”
Ruxin Chen ‘20
“Beautiful campus, especially the dance studios.”
Nada A
"I love the warm and welcoming community, and Jorge, of course!"
Miesha M
“I am so grateful for the connections that I have made with my peers, my professors, and the staff on campus.”
Lila O
“The vast range of people who are able to come together to create lasting change in our community.”
Anisha P
"I love my friends!"
Evelyn Foster ‘22
“My favorite part of MHC is how dedicated and passionate the students are about learning.”
Wolf Chen
“The peaceful walks.”
Emily Wolman ‘22
“Everyone is supportive and always willing to lend a helping hand.”
Luhan Wang ‘21
“I love this warm and small community! It makes me feel like home!”
Rachel Y
“Everyone is all about lifting up and empowering each other.”
Charlotte R
“I love bonding with amazing faculty, staff, and peers!”
Skylar Hou ‘22
“Everyone at Mount Holyoke is so radiant and supportive. I feel like home here everyday!”
Lex Salomone ‘20
“The loving and supportive community!”
Sophie Lake-Ginouves ’21
“The professors!!”
Nabeeha N
“Everyone here is so passionate and supportive, everything is possible here!”
Liz H
"We genuinely want to see and help each other succeed."
Ziran G
"I really like the small, beautiful campus, where I can get to anywhere in 10 minutes and enjoy the beautiful view on the way."
Izzy B
“My favorite part about Mount Holyoke is the traditions.”
Lila Oren-Dahan ‘20
“I love how involved students can be on campus! Students truly have a voice and aren't afraid to use it. I love the various ways you can be involved.”
Maria Monterroso ‘22
“I feel empowered and confident! If and when someone’s in doubt; there is always someone there to support. We’re a community, we’re MoHome!”
Julie N
"Everyone is so nice and supportive!"
Eliana Peretz ‘22
“How completely unique this school is and the amazing people that I’m surrounded with everyday.”
Erica G
"My favorite part of Mount Holyoke is the community and how kind everyone is."
Cydney Hambrick ‘22
“The close knit community, the rigorous academics, beloved traditions and an integral support system.”
Maya Reinstein '21
“How accepting and willing to learn everyone in the community is!”