2020-2021 Orientation Team

Elisa Martinez ’21
My favorite part of being a student at MHC is learning from our generous, thoughtful, and diverse community of students, staff and faculty!
Sophie Clingan ’22
I get to learn and grow from spontaneous conversations with friends, not just in classes! I’ve found a really supportive community here.
Martha Thompson ’22
Being part of the incredible campus community!
Luhan Wang ’21
You could be yourself in MHC.
Saachi Khandpur ’22
I love that I am a part of the global MHC family. I know that no matter where I am in the world, I will have someone I can reach out to.
Maria Monterroso ’22
Being welcomed into an amazing community of students, staff and faculty.
Lukachi Okonji ’21
I love the universal sense of community and support that I continually experience in the Mount Holyoke community.
Jaasiel Alvarez ’23
Being part of such a diverse community of students that are committed to creating a collaborative and creative environment by sharing their unique stories.
Dayishaa Daga ’22
Feeling like I have a community, a home and safe haven that I will always be a part of, no matter where I am 10 years from now.
Charlie Townswick ’23
The tight-knit community! I can connect with almost everyone on campus!
Kathryn Murphy ’22
Being surrounded by all the incredibly supportive MHC students and faculty! I'm especially thankful for the athletics community and the swim and dive team.
Natty De Leon ’23
Being able to learn about myself in ways I could’ve never dreamed of because of the supportive environment at MHC.
Hannah Dubé ’22
“My favorite part is the community!”
Alejandra German ’23
The ability to be openly whoever I want to be, and be accepted/supported.
Lily Cao ’22
I love MHC for its close-knit community. The love and care I receive from our community members is incredible!
Imaan Moin ’22
I love being part of a supportive and collaborative learning environment.
Sierra Millay ’22
Being a part of such a supportive and amazing community!
Faye Winer ’22
Mount Holyoke rugby, the cohesion of the campus community, and the butternut squash risotto nights at Blanch!
Charlotte Roach ’21
“I love bonding with amazing faculty, staff and peers!”
Maya Reinstein ’21
The sense of community and inclusion, I feel so seen and heard by the student body.
Eliana Peretz ’22
The community is my favorite part of being a MHC student.
Cait Mallery ’22
The people! Everyone has something interesting to talk about, and everyone genuinely wants to see others succeed.
Toni-Ann Williams ’23
My favorite part of being a Mount Holyoke student are my friends.