2018-2019 Orientation Team

Miranda W
"The artistic communities in filmmaking and stage rehearsals has give me a second family and made MoHo my home away from home."
Jasmine F
"My favorite thing about MHC is how easy it is to get along with most people; feels homely."
Ziran G
"I really like the small, beautiful campus, where I can get to anywhere in 10 minutes and enjoy the beautiful view on the way."
Julie N
"Everyone is so nice and supportive!"
Rachel Y
“Everyone is all about lifting up and empowering each other.”
Emily P
"My favorite things are the food, the architecture and the culture of phenomenal women."
Nada A
"I love the warm and welcoming community, and Jorge, of course!"
Sam N
"I love the sense of school spirit and community, not only within Mount Holyoke, but also within the broader Seven Sisters community."
Lila O
“The vast range of people who are able to come together to create lasting change in our community.”
Maya R
"Beautiful campus and amazing community!"
Ahona S
“I love my view of the lower lake from my massive dorm window in 1837!”
Erica G
"My favorite part of Mount Holyoke is the community and how kind everyone is."
Charlotte R
"I love bonding with amazing faculty, staff, and peers!"
Nabeeha N
“Everyone here is so passionate and supportive, everything is possible here!”
Izzy B
“My favorite part about Mount Holyoke is the traditions.”
Anisha P
"I love my friends!"
Lynn S
"MHC has a vibrant and active atmosphere, from classes to student orgs. There is always something that you can get involved in."
Liz H
"We genuinely want to see and help each other succeed."
Erica D
"There's a place for every type of person."
Dingdang W
"Moho is supporting me to do what I want and to be myself."
Zohar B
“I love Mount Holyoke starry nights on the green.”
Miesha M
“I am so grateful for the connections that I have made with my peers, my professors, and the staff on campus.”
Janae L
"I love the Shirley Chisholm Floor and being able to live with my community."