Placement Exams

See the departmental websites for details on language placement exams:

  • Arabic, Chinese, Japanese
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • French
  • German Studies
  • Greek
    Students interested in placement in the appropriate Greek language course should contact Professor Bruce Arnold
  • Italian
    Students hoping to begin their Italian studies at a level higher than 101-102 should contact Professor Frau
  • Latin
  • Russian and Eurasian Studies
    Students who have previously studied Russian and are interested in continuing their study of the language should consult with the department for individual placement. The elementary Russian language course (RES 101-102) covers basic grammar, including verbal aspect and verbs of motion. Students with no prior work in Russian should register for RES 101. Please direct any questions about the Russian program at MHC or study abroad to Professor Cruise.
  • Spanish placement exam
  • Spanish proficiency questionnaire