Orientation Leaders

Who are the Orientation Leaders?

Orientation Leaders, or OLs for short, are among the very first people you will meet when you arrive at MHC! They are your personal ambassadors to campus life, resources, and fun as they guide you through Orientation experience. If you have a question about MHC or Orientation, they will be your go-to guides to help you or point you in the direction of whatever you may need need. Your OLs will lead you through activities, dialogues, and workshops to ensure that your first week at MHC is the best that it can be!

Who is the Orientation Board?

The Orientation Board "OBoard" works with professional staff to develop leadership training sessions for the OLs. They also support their OL peers through the Orientation as mentors, advisers, confidants, and friends! They are an important part of the Orientation team and many of the events that take place during the first week would not be possible without them! It is a good idea to get familiarized with this part of the team, as they will be another group you can reach out to for questions or concerns. Without further ado, let's meet the Orientation Board!

Lillie Benowitz

Class year: 2017

Major/Minor: Politics Major; Nexus Minor in Law, Public Policy, and Human Rights

On Campus Involvement: OBoard, WMHC Radio, Doing It Live!, Project: Theatre, Mount Holyoke Story Slams

A word of advice for incoming students: I want to encourage you to embrace new conversations and situations that you experience. I promise, you grow from every person that you interact with. It is so important that you greet each other with open hearts because that is when true connections are made. I know that this can be scary and vulnerable but in doing this you will walk away from each interaction with a new understanding of yourself, of others, and of the world. I am so excited to meet and grow from each of you! Welcome to Mount Holyoke!  

Constance Fontanet

Class Year: 2016

Major/ Minor: Biology Major; Culture, Health and Science Minor

On Campus Involvement: OBoard, Biology Department Liaison, Class of 2016 Vice-President, Student Health Advisory Committee, Project: Theatre, Eco-Rep

A word of advice for incoming students: "It's never too early for ice cream."- Michael Scott

Christine Harding

Class Year: 2016

Major/Minor: Politics Major and History Minor

On Campus Involvement: OBoard, Women of Color Task Force, Class of 2016's Head Class Agent, and the Unusual Suspects

A word of advice for incoming students: During the semester, identify a key activity that you enjoy doing or a key place on or off campus where you feel most happy. Having a special activity or place can be useful when classes or work get to be overwhelming. Also, utilize all on-campus resources (including professors, counselors, your Orientation Leaders/Board, etc!). We are here to help you!

Sarah Hwang

Class year: 2017

Major/Minor: Special Major: Art and Public Policy

On Campus Involvement: OBoard, Co-Chair of Planned Parenthood Generation Action, Korean American Sisters Association (KASA), and Exam Coordinating Committee

A word of advice for incoming students: Take classes and join extracurricular that you would have never imagined yourself doing! I was given this same advice, during my first semester of college, and I took gender studies and art history, on a whim! These 2 classes ended up changing my academic career, opened many doors, and gave me the confidence to tackle new things.

Have an open mind because Mount Holyoke is a special place where you will be challenged and pushed outside your comfort zone. In doing so, the next four years will be empowering and will help you find your voice and passion.

Hannah Joseph

Class Year: 2017

Major/Minor: Gender Studies Major with Philosophy Minor; Health, Culture and Science 5 College Certificate

On Campus Involvement: OBoard, MoHealth Peer Educator, WMHC's Traffic Director (Mount Holyoke's Radio Station), Member of Students Against Mass Incarceration

A word of advice for incoming students: I hadn't heard enough when I came to college that the transition can be rough. If you're feeling terrified, know that it's completely normal and that others around you feel the same. Remember that the best things in life come from getting out of your comfort zone and this is a chance for you to take a big risk and look at all the relationships, connections, community, and sense of self you'll build from it. Your uncertainty now is going to pay off big time. 

Adrienne Picciotto

Class Year: 2016

Major(s): Anthropology & Film Studies

On Campus Involvement: OBoard, Director of MHC's improv comedy troupe "The Unusual Suspects", barista, at Rao's Coffee, fellow at Media Services, Orientation Board Member, freelance comedy/playwright, student, friend, daughter, human, Netflix-enthusiast

A word of advice for incoming students: “You're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggonit people like you!" - Stuart Smiley (Al Franken)