Be Well at Mount Holyoke: Wellness Workshops

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Building Community through Philanthropy: A healthy community is one where everyone looks out for each other, where people are committed to making the world a better place, and where people share their time, talent, and treasure to support their passions. In this session we will help students to identify passions, think about their roles in their community, and help them consider sustainable ways to have an impact. We will also dive into the history of philanthropy at Mount Holyoke and the ways that philanthropy has supported the MHC community.

Creative Movement: Want to be more creative? Express yourself in dance and writing in this class. You don't need a dance background to dance; come to the class just as you are. This will be like a dance party and will be a great way to meet other students in your class. There will be a variety of uplifting music to dance to, with some guidance through each song. There will be a talk free zone and we will have a sharing at the end of our dance.

Dancing with the MoHo Stars!: Come learn the Cha Cha, a lively and energetic dance that emphasizes communication with your partner and the joy of movement! No experience needed. Please wear comfortable shoes or bring a pair of socks to dance in.

DIY Calendars: Start the new semester off right by learning various time management strategies and creating an erasable calendar for your room!

Don’t Be a Mess, #StressLess: Learn tips and tricks of the trade from the MoHealth Peer Health Educators to manage your college feels. What does stress look like? How do I say "no" and prevent over-commitment? Come rock the Wheel of Wellness to win prizes and more.

Drumming Circle: Come release pent-up energy with an upbeat drumming circle. We will have the opportunity to engage with one another through creating powerful beats and rhythms. No experience required! 

Fundamentals of Yoga for Self-Care: Being a first year isn't easy!  You'll be dealing with juggling a busy schedule, navigating new friendships and keeping up with your academics.  This can all lead to stress, anxiety, and frustration. This yoga class is designed to teach you how to increase focus, improve sleep, reduce stress and increase confidence!  We'll do this through breathing exercises, postures and relaxation techniques for self-care. No experience is necessary - all are welcome!!

In First Person: Storytelling for Personal and Community Well-being: Welcome MoHome! Your new peers bring with them backgrounds, experiences, and passions that are amazingly diverse – and most of them are totally different from your own! In a time when communication across difference is more important than ever, choose to embrace the unfamiliar, bridge the divides, center empathy, and tap into the greatest story anthology you’ll ever encounter: your new community. Join a workshop that will help you to discover new ways to connect with yourself and your peers through the art of storytelling. Prepare to interact, disrupt, discover, connect, and really listen. Discover techniques and skills that will empower you not only to shape your own experiences into powerful stories, but also to draw out and appreciate the stories from the people around you.

Intro to Mindfulness: Students will learn different types of mindfulness techniques to help maintain their mental health and wellness.

Keeping the Connection: An Interfaith Dialogue: We will contextualize wellness - how we see religion and wellness together, and will pose a number of questions to foster connections between new students. We will explore self-care and how communities are formed. We will also tour the contemplative spaces in Eliot House, including the Wa Shin An (teahouse).

Living Healthy and Green at MHC: Join the Eco-reps, student environmental ambassadors, to explore how to create a healthy living environment and live green, minimizing your environmental footprint, at Mount Holyoke.

Mindfulness Meditation for Ease and Wellbeing: Take time out to sit in silence and breathe, gently guided in Mindfulness Meditation.  Slow it all down and join Adi to learn tools that will help sustain you as you begin your life and studies here at Mount Holyoke.

Mindfulness Tools for Stress Management: Learn and practices strategies that can support you in times of stress and transition. While stress is a normal part of life, it can be beneficial to learn accessible breathing strategies, basic meditation strategies, and practice an all levels grounding yoga sequence. This workshop concludes with deep relaxation (15-20 minutes).

Sleep Well, Be Well: Learn the impact that sleep has on overall health, well-being and academics and identify strategies to support effective sleep patterns and manage episodes of disruptive sleep. We all have these times!

Vision Board Making: A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of your dreams, goals, and things that make you happy. These beautiful craft projects will be visual positive affirmations personalized by you, and are perfect to hang in your room!

Watercolor Workshop: Did you know that research on happiness suggests that creating artwork, connecting with others, expressing gratitude, and practicing random acts of kindness can have a positive effect on your mood? Participants in this workshop will have an opportunity to engage in all of these activities by designing and writing a personalized greeting card(s) for someone who has been instrumental in their journey to college. Cards will be mailed to recipients, who will feel good when they open their mailbox and may just pay it forward!

Zumba with Jade: Spend your Be Well Workshop moving your body and having fun with local Zumba instructor Jade!