What's New in 2013-2014 Academic Year

Observing Rosh Hashanah
The first evening of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah is Wednesday, September 4, which is also the first class meeting for many Monday/Wednesday classes at Mount Holyoke.  Students who are registered or waitlisted for classes that begin on Thursday, September 5 and who are observing the holiday should email their instructors and ask that their places on the class rosters/waitlists be held for them.  Our registrar, Elizabeth Pyle has asked that faculty not remove from their rosters students who are, due to the holiday, absent from the first class meeting.  Faculty have also been informed that some students will observe the second day of the holiday on Friday, September 6, necessitating their absence from class on that day as well.  Do keep your instructors informed!  If an instructor observing the holiday plans to cancel a class meeting on Thursday (or Friday), you may expect to hear from him or her, in advance, via email.

Greetings from the Odyssey Bookshop!
All of us at the Odyssey Bookshop are excited to welcome new and returning students to Mount Holyoke College, and to South Hadley. The Odyssey is celebrating its 50th anniversary this fall! We have planned an amazing fall event schedule with 50 authors for 50 years, starting with Holly Black’s launch of her newest book, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown on September 3rd. Sign up for our weekly emails at www.odysseybks.com to keep informed about all the festivities. You can also like us on Facebook (look for our Friday Giveaways!), and follow us on Twitter and Tumblr. Below is information about what’s new in Textbooks.

Used Textbooks
When at all possible, we acquire used textbooks from national vendors to help save you money. Typically, these will save you at least 25% off the list price, though in some cases we have been able to acquire used books that will save over 75%!
We have also been continuing to expand our rental program to help keep textbook costs as low as possible. We will have over 100 titles available to rent for the fall semester at prices less than the cost of a used book, including such common titles as “General Chemistry”, “Introduction to Genetic Analysis”, “The APA Publication Manual” and “The Norton Shakespeare”.
Student Booklover’s Discount Program
When you purchase your textbooks at the Odyssey Bookshop, you will be given Student Booklover Cards! For every $100 you spend on your textbooks, you will get a fully stamped card worth 20% off any future purchase, excluding textbooks and art supplies. Don’t forget them in your room when it’s time to get holiday presents for your family!
We will be starting buyback by November 1. The best time for you to sell books back to us is as close to the end of the semester as possible. We pay you up to 50% of the list price of your textbooks if we know they will be used in a class the next semester. You are free to sell them at the Odyssey in November, but at that time of the semester we would have very few faculty orders for the coming Spring, so most purchases would be through a third party vendor who don’t pay nearly a much as we might be able to later on. No guarantees, but it can pay to wait!

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Joan Grenier and the staff of the Odyssey Bookshop

Sophomores by Sunset: Re-orientation for the class of 2016
September 2, 2013
Gettell Ampitheater, rain location: Chapin Auditorium
6:30 pm -8:30pm
Join the Class Board of 2016 and your peers for re-orientation.    Hear from Alumnae, class advisors and the CDC during this special transition to the Sophomore class. Special M & Cs to follow.

Salt Program

1.  Students should sign up for SALT, a financial management program offered to Mount Holyoke students and alums.  The url is www.saltmoney.org.  SALT offers students a comprehensive and engaging way to understand the impact of educational debt and other finance issues.  Once they enroll, they will have full access to the SALT website including Money Coach, job search, and member savings.
2.  Student Account Activity is now on the CASHNet site with the eBill and is no longer on ISIS.  It is now accessible to both students AND authorized users.  Incoming students should set up authorized users in CASHNet if they have not already done so.  Authorized users receive eBill notifications and have access to the eBill, Student Account Activity, and can set up payment plans.  
3.  Dewar's Tuition Insurance plan is changing.  Students can now purchase plans that will cover 85% of paid charges (less financial aid) when students must take a medical leave (any medical leave).  Subscribers can also choose the amount of coverage which will be reflected in the premium.

Updates from the Career Development Center

  • Student Employment and JobX
    As students apply for jobs on campus through our JobX system, they now need to submit both a resume and cover letter as a part of the application process.  The CDC is open all summer and members of the staff are available to assist students who need any help drafting or editing resumes and cover letters. Both the resume and cover letter guides can be found on the JobX site: https://seojobs.mtholyoke.edu/   Office contact:  Janice Kane
  • Sophomores - Hold the Date - Friday, January 17, 2014
    Sophomores are invited to sign up to return to campus for a Sophomore Class Retreat on Friday, January 17, 2014.  This program will help students to navigate career exploration with workshops addressing networking skills, preparing for internships and connecting with alumnae.  More information will be available at the Career Development Center in September.Office contact:  Catherine McGraw
  • Internships and the Universal Application for Funding
    Keep an eye out for our new application process for the UAF and exciting new opportunities for summer internships.  Please visit the CDC’s website in September for more information.  Office contact: Jenny Watermill

Policy Update to Small Private Events
Policy updates to the Small Private Event (SPE) system have been implemented in order to protect individual student hosts from personal liability, increase institutional responsibility and to reinforce the rights of all students living in the various residence halls to safe and well managed living quarters. To this end, based on risk management review and in line with best practices and policies at peer institutions, no alcohol may be served or consumed in any campus venue unless compliance with MHC policies and state and federal laws can reasonably be assured. Please refer to the general MHC Alcohol Policy for comprehensive campus alcohol policies and relevant laws. While this will not impact existing alcohol service in licensed and staffed campus venues such as Blanchard, Chapin and Willits, please note that alcohol service by students to students in Residence Hall common areas does not meet this standard and can no longer be responsibly approved.

Students wishing to host SPEs without alcohol will enjoy a streamlined process, designed to support social spontaneity and encourage community, whereby specific residence hall common areas may be reserved by any resident of that hall directly through the Office of Residential Life. Additionally, the presentation of occasional student performances and/or presentations in the residence halls will be possible if agreed to and sponsored by the student staff of each building for community based programming.

Students seeking to host social events with alcohol service may do so by registering their event with the Office of Student Programs where provisions can be made for college-employed TIPS trained bartenders to offer beer and/or wine service to those of legal age with proper identification in a licensed campus facility. Detailed student event planning resources are available here:


For more information regarding events in residence halls, please contact the Office of Residential Life. For student events in all other campus locations, contact the Office of Student Programs. Both offices can offer guidance in event planning, assistance to students in understanding their host/sponsor responsibilities and support in accessing college resources and services.