Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided this page to address questions which our staff hear routinely. If you have any questions you think should be added to this list, feel free to call the Parking Office at x2514 8:30 am - 4:00 pm (Monday-Friday).

Do I have to register my car?
Yes; all cars parked on the campus need to be registered. Student parking is $150 per year. Each semester costs $75, and if you are here only for the first semester you will need to register the vehicle for the year, and you will be refunded $75. if you scrape off and return your decal before January 1st.

How can I find the Parking Rules and Regulations?
Parking Rules and Regulations are available online and from the Parking Office.

I have a car here for a short time; do I have to pay for a semester?
The Parking Office can issue a week pass (for $10.00) or a two-week pass (for $20.00). If a car will be on campus longer than two weeks, it must be registered for the semester.

Can students ever park in faculty/staff spaces?
No; students must remain in student lots at all times, including weekends, nights, breaks and holidays.

I have a guest coming; do they need to register? Where can they park?
Guests do need to obtain visitor passes from the Parking Office. Their hostess needs to accompany them as she will be responsible for any citations issued to the car. Most visitors are assigned to Equestrian Center Lot or to the Gorse Lot, or other lot as designated by the Parking Office and Campus Police based on campus need. Visitors Should Not Park In Student Spaces, as these are reserved for Mount Holyoke students. Visitor Passes are issued for up to one month at a time. There is no charge for this pass.

My guest is only coming for the evening; can s/he park anywhere near my residence hall?
Visitors without a pass can park in faculty/staff spaces in the evenings - after 5pm and before 7am the following morning. If they are staying later than 7 am, they can park in the Torrey lot until 9 am, allowing time to obtain a pass from the Parking Office when it opens at 8:30 am. Students May Not Park In Faculty/Staff Areas, even with a car without a decal.

Can I appeal a ticket?
Yes; appeal forms are available from the Parking Office Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm. Any ticket can be appealed within 7 days of the date of issue. The Parking Appeals Committee meets monthly and reviews any appeals. They will notify you of the outcome of the appeal. Appeals are also available online.

Can a student park in faculty/staff spaces during the break?
No; the parking rules and regulations are the same 365 days a year, including holidays, breaks and the summer.

I have a temporary car today; how can I park and not get a ticket?
The Parking Office has temporary passes that can be issued to students, faculty and staff. These are provided free of charge to community members who are temporarily replacing a registered car on campus. Students registering a car (which is not replacing a registered car) can do so for $10.00 per week or for $20.00 for two weeks.

How many cars can I have registered on campus?
Staff and faculty members can register no more than two cars on campus. Temporary passes can also be obtained from the Parking Office. Students can register only one car at a time. If they have a loaner, a temporary pass can be issued. If someone is replacing a registered car with a new one, they must scrape off and return the old decal before registering the new car.

I have a new car to replace my old car; can I put my old decal on that car?
No; a decal can only be affixed to the car for which it was issued. If you are replacing the car, you must scrape off the old decal and bring it to the Parking Office. You will then be able to obtain a new decal. There is a $10.00 replacement decal fee.

If my car is towed, how do I get it back?
Contact the Parking Office at x2514. After hours, contact Campus Police at x2304. Any tickets on the car must be paid before a vehicle is released. The car must also be registered to be allowed to park on campus again (unless the car has been banned from campus, in which case it must be removed from campus).

When it snows, how do I find out about a possible parking ban?
Campus Police posts parking ban notices on mhc.announce and, and notifies hall presidents. Call the Parking Office at x2514 or the Campus Police Office at x2304 if you have any questions about a snow parking ban.