Parking Violations

Parking Citation Appeal

Complete an appeal form.  Appeals may be submitted in person or by mail.

Third Party Billing Process

Municipal Management Agency processes all unpaid tickets for unregistered vehicles as well as for employee vehicles.  The goal of contracting with this company is to increase collection of unpaid tickets.  If you receive a bill from this company, it is a legitimate contractor hired to process these tickets.  Please follow the instructions on your notice for submitting payment to tickets.

A side benefit to this service is more flexibility in payment of tickets. Mount Holyoke College is only able to accept cash or check payments; MMA has a secure online payment site that allows you to use a credit or debit card.  They also offer a ticket reminder service that can send you an email to remind you about tickets that are past the statement due date.

Please note that as part of this process, failure to pay tickets issued at Mount Holyoke College may result in having your vehicle registration become non-renewable.

Please call the Parking Office at 413-538-2514 if you have any questions about this new process.