Visitor Parking at MHC

The following options are available to visitors to the campus. Please note that all vehicles parked on campus must be registered. For all registrations, please bring your vehicle make, model and plate number with you. 

Visitors Attending an Event on Campus

  • If the event is after 5:00pm or on a weekend, you may park in any faculty or staff parking space as long as your vehicle will not be on campus between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm Monday - Friday. 
  • If the event is during the day, please contact the event's organizer for parking information. 
  • There are a few two-hour parking  available on campus for unregistered guests, but this is very limited. 

Two-Hour Visitor Parking

A very limited number of spaces are available to guests which do not require registering your vehicle.

  • Mount Holyoke College students, faculty or staff may not use these spaces since they are reserved for guests to the campus who will be here for only two hours. 
  • If a visitor's car will be on campus for a longer period, please read further to discover where you may park. 

Students with Temporary Cars

Visit the Parking Office to obtain a visitor pass. Students may register for a one-week or two-week pass (at a cost of $10.00 or $20.00, respectively); vehicles on campus longer than that must be registered for the semester. 

Students with Replacements for Registered Cars

Visit the Parking Office to obtain a replacement decal for your replacement vehicle. This decal is provided free of charge. If this vehicle will be a permanent replacement for one that has been registered, you need to scrape off your decal and return it to the Parking Office.

**Replacement passes may only be obtained if the regular car is off campus; the limited number of parking spaces on campus prohibits the College from allowing more than one vehicle to be on campus per student at any time.

Five College Students

Five College students must register their vehicles with the Parking Office.

  • Parking for Five College students is free and is issued for the Equestrian Center parking lot only. 
  • Five College students must present a verification of enrollment in a Mount Holyoke College course which can be obtained from the Mount Holyoke College Registrar's Office in Mary Lyon Hall (see map).

Faculty/Staff with Temporary or Replacement Cars

Visit the Parking Office to obtain a free visitor pass. If this vehicle will be a permanent replacement for one that has been registered, you need to scrape off your decal and return it to the Parking Office. 

Visitors to Campus Offices

All campus offices have been issued temporary hanging tags that may be issued to guests visiting their departments. These passes are for one day only, and may not be used for student, faculty or staff vehicles. For visitors on campus for longer periods, departments will assist the visitor in obtaining a temporary pass through the Parking Office. 

Visitors to Students

Free visitor parking passes may be obtained through the Parking Office; the student hosting a guest must be present when the pass is requested since the student is responsible for any parking violations the guest may receive. Guest passes may not be used for vehicles being operated by a student, faculty or staff member at Mount Holyoke College. Visitor passes are issued for up to one month. 

Visitors on Weekends or Overnight

Guests may park in Faculty/Staff spaces without a pass between the hours of 5:00pm and 7:00am Monday - Friday or on weekends (until 7:00am Monday). However, if the vehicle is on campus between the hours of 7:00am and 5:00pm Monday - Friday, their vehicle must be registered, and will be assigned to the Gorse or Equestrian Center Parking Lots to assure spaces are available for faculty and staff vehicles. If the visitor arrives after 5:00pm Friday and will be staying on Campus past 7:00am on Monday morning, they may park in a faculty/staff space in the Torrey Lot until 9:00am, allowing time to come to the Parking Office when it opens at 8:30am 

Visitors to the Willits-Hallowell Conference Center

Overnight guests or visitors to the center may obtain parking passes from the Willits-Hallowell staff allowing them to park in the parking lots adjacent to the center. If you have any questions about parking during your visit to the Willits-Hallowell Center, please call the center at 538-2217. 

Special Note on Village Commons Parking

The Village Commons parking lots are reserved for customers, employees and residence of the Village Commons. They do issue parking violation notices and tow illegally-parked vehicles from their parking lots, so we ask that Mount Holyoke College community members and guests not use their lots except when they are patronizing the Village Commons. There are a limited number of spaces in the lower lot of the Village Commons behind the Newhall Center that the Village Commons Management Office has kindly offered as parking to Mount Holyoke faculty and staff; please call the Parking Office at x2514 or the Village Commons Management Office at 532-3600 if you have any questions about these spaces.