What is Pathways?

  • Pathways is an online tool that’s designed to support integrative advising. That means it helps faculty, advisors, staff and mentors stay connected with the student and the student’s other advisors and mentors in order to advance a student’s goals, progress and well-being throughout their academic career.
  • Similar to advising tools used on campuses around the country, Pathways is customized for Mount Holyoke College.
  • Pathways provides a secure way to share and store advising information between faculty and staff and with students and their advising network.
  • Pathways allows faculty and staff to identify concern for students about their progress in their classes.
  • Students can use Pathways to alert their advisors that they have questions or need help with some area of their college life.

Who has a Pathways account?

  • Every Mount Holyoke undergraduate student has their own individual Pathways account that includes key information about them, such as their major and the courses they are currently enrolled in.
  • Every Mount Holyoke faculty or staff member who works directly with students also has a Pathways account and they are members of the accounts of the students they work with.

What is in a Pathways account?

  • A Pathways account contains important information about a student’s progress in their classes, along with the names of that student’s network of advisors. This network includes the student’s academic advisor, class dean, course instructors and residential life area coordinators.
  • A Pathways account also contains notes and information from and between the student’s network of advisors.

What information is available in Pathways?

  • Pathways is a role-based system, which means that the information that an advisor or instructor sees is dependent on their relationship with the student. Instructors see basic information about the students enrolled in their classes. Academic advisors see broader information about the student’s academic life.
  • Students can see information about their classes, referrals that faculty and staff have made for them, and notes that are shared with them about meetings that they’ve had with different people in their advising network.

What is expected of instructors?

  • Instructors can use Pathways to stay in communication with their students and provide them with feedback about their performance in class.  
  • Every instructor will be asked to complete two progress surveys for each of the students in their classes during the course of the semester. The first progress survey focuses on attendance serves as an enrollment check. The second is about student progress. 
  • Instructors can also provide kudos to students for their excellent work, improved effort or other accomplishments.

What is expected of academic advisors?

  • Academic advisors will receive updates about their advisees' academic progress and interests.
  • Advisors will also receive notifications about concerns that instructors have about their advisees. Pathways is a place for academic advisors to manage these concerns by reaching out to their advisees and academic deans.

How should students and advisors use Pathways?

  • Students can use Pathways to ask questions of their advisors and mentors both specific and general about their college careers. Pathways also provides a way for students to ask questions and voice concerns about their college experience.   
  • Academic advisors will receive notifications about concerns that instructors have about their advisees. Pathways is a place to manage these concerns by reaching out to their advisees and academic deans.

How do I get to Pathways?

Pathways is accessed through MyMountHolyoke.

Where can I get more information about Pathways?

Two user guides are available on the training resources page:

  • faculty and staff user guide
  • student user guide