Pathways for Students

Pathways brings together your individual network of people and services available to support your success at Mount Holyoke, placing you at the center of your advising experience. You’ll be able to reach out to your “Success Network” — your advising team — to ask questions about classes, schedule advising appointments and learn about internships. Pathways positions you to drive your advising experience.  

With Pathways, the right people will know about your interests in study abroad, your summer internship and your on-campus job.

Your professor of Jordanian politics learns of your interest in international civil liberties and connects you with a human rights program in Amman. Your academic advisor knows the deadline for the Washington, D.C., internship that you are applying for. Your class dean knows you need accommodations because of your hearing impairment.

And they’ll also be able to suggest other resources on campus and beyond.

Pathways helps bring this information together.

Photo of two students working together

How it works

Pathways allows students and advisors to add connections and share information as the student moves through the College.
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Access the Pathways login page.