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By keeping information and reports in one place, Pathways consolidates and strengthens the conversations about student progress and plans that are already taking place across campus.

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Pathways Functions


Flags are raised by someone in a student’s network when there is something that the student’s team needs to be aware of. Pathways is a role-based system, which means that only those who need to know about a concern will be notified. Flags can be course-based or non-course based.

Course-based flags can only be raised by instructors and include attendance concerns, low scores on tests or assignments, missing or late assignments or participation concerns.

Non-course-based flags include general academic concerns or other general concerns, or behavioral or financial concerns.


Referrals can be used to guide students to an office or individual outside their existing network.

Progress Survey

In Pathways, instructors fill out progress surveys on the students they are currently teaching twice a semester. They can raise flags and give kudos to all their students in a class in a single screen.

Pathways Training Videos for Faculty and Staff

Setting up office hours

Learn how to set up office hours within Pathways.

Office Hours FAQs

Integrate Google calendar

Learn how to integrate your Google calendar into Pathways.

Complete a Progress Survey

Learn how to review your course rosters and provide feedback to your students.

Progress Surveys FAQs