Pathways Vocabulary

Concerns (Flags)

Faculty and staff can raise a concerns to let people in a student’s advising network know that you are worried about the student. Who specifically gets notified is based on the concern, and for concerns related to course performance, students are also notified.

Raise My Hand

A feature that allows students to ask a question or share a concern they have with the appropriate faculty and staff.


Instructors can give students positive feedback related to their course performance by giving them a kudos.


If a student wants/needs to access additional supports on campus, faculty and staff can give students a referral to another office or service.  When a referral is created in Pathways, an email from the referral creator is sent to student and the receiving office, to facilitate this new connection.


A to-do is a task that faculty and staff assigns to a student, as a follow-up item or next step after a meeting. The specific tasks that faculty and staff can assign are related to their relationship with the student. The student receives an email notification with information about the to-do, including the due date (if assigned).

Progress Survey

A progress survey is a form that is available to course instructors within Pathways at set points in the semester (aligned with critical points in the semester, such as around add/drop and the withdrawal deadline) that allows them to provide timely feedback to students course by course. Progress surveys will include an opportunity to provide a kudo and raise concerns about students.

Success Network

A student’s core advising network on campus, including their class dean, advisor(s), area coordinator, and instructors.

Student Folder

As faculty or staff, you will be able to access a folder of information including courses, meetings, notes, other faculty and staff they are connected with, etc. for each student you are connected with in Pathways.


If faculty, staff and offices have their office hours set up, students can schedule appointments within Pathways. Faculty and staff can schedule meetings with students within or outside of their office hour blocks. Comments can be associated with the meeting and the student within the student folder.


Faculty and staff can write and share notes within Pathways - notes are associated with students, and can be associated with meetings. Communicating and coordinating advising efforts through Notes makes it easier for advisors to manage multiple conversations with other faculty and staff around a student’s needs.