Beverley J.M. Bell

Director of Graduate Education Programs

Dr. Beverley Bell has been involved in higher education in the USA for over 19 years.  Prior to this she worked and taught in K-12 education for over 16 years in South Africa and Namibia. Along with her work in teacher preparation, Bell has worked on international education projects including the development of national standards and rubrics for teacher preparation and education in Pakistan (2011-2013).

Bell’s current work focuses on developing collaborations and reciprocal partnerships that integrate experiential learning with structured reflection and informed action, both locally and internationally.  She has developed and led a number of student and teacher exchange programs and developed partnerships between US and South African institutions that aim to develop collaborative reciprocal teaching and learning opportunities. She is currently collaborating with colleagues within Holyoke Public Schools to develop the Urban Teacher Pathways, a program that provides opportunities for local community members, para-professionals and teachers on waivers, to earn their initial teaching license, develop as culturally responsive teachers within the communities that they live, and address the teacher turnover and attrition rates in the district.

Bell’s research interests focus on two dimensions of novice teacher development. First, it explores the relationship between structured mentoring, formal induction programs and workplace ecologies in providing learning supports for novice teachers. Second, it seeks to elucidate the role of global immersion experiences in the development of critically reflective and reflexive teachers. She is also currently working on researching the outcomes and impacts of an anti-racism student leadership program at the University of the Free State in South Africa.

Courses Taught

  • Schools, Schooling and Society 
  • Expeditionary Learning ‘Slice” 
  • Student Teaching in Middle and Secondary Schools 
  • Student Teaching Seminar for Middle and Secondary Schools 
  • The Process of Teaching Learning in Secondary and Middle Schools 
  • The Politics of Literacy 
  • Education and Policy in Post-Apartheid South Africa