Caleb I. Fassett

Research Associate in Astronomy
Planetary Geology; Mars, the Moon, and Mercury; Remote Sensing

Caleb Fassett’s research focuses on the geomorphology and surface processes of the planets, especially Earth’s Moon, Mars, and Mercury. He is particularly interested in the way impact craters and other processes modify planetary surfaces over time. Data for his research primarily comes from NASA spacecraft missions, such as the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the MESSENGER mission to Mercury, and the suite of orbiters around Mars (Mars Express, Mars Odyssey, and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter).

Fassett previously was at Brown University. He has authored or co-authored 35 peer-reviewed publications, including in Science and Nature Geoscience.

At MHC, Fassett teaches Astronomy 223: Planetary Science, and advises several independent student projects and senior theses.

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