Gina Siepel

Lecturer in Studio Art Foundations

Gina Siepel teaches drawing and interdisciplinary foundations courses, exploring interaction between 2D, 3D, and 4D processes, and emphasizing an experimental, embodied relation to materials and perception.

Siepel is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice explores cultural understandings of nature, gender and American identity, through the production of objects and collaborative experiments in public spaces. She integrates conceptual concerns with a deep engagement in craftsmanship and materials as she constructs a wide range of objects, installations, drawings, videos, photographs and collaborations with other artists and communities. In addition to her work as a studio artist and teacher, Gina spent twenty years working in the field of theatrical scenic design and construction, a major influence on her process. Her teaching reflects the diversity, cross-disciplinarity, and intellectual curiosity of her own practice, linking aesthetic and materially-based modes of artistic production to other forms of inquiry and engagement: social, historical, architectural, ecological and scientific.