Jamie Church

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jamie Church is a nutritional psychologist interested in the biological basis of how different lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise, affect mental health. Diets high in fiber, fat or sugar can alter risk for developing anxiety and depression, and dietary manipulation is now being considered as a complementary therapy to treat these conditions. Church's research targets the microbiome-gut-brain axis, which integrates multiple systems (including the nervous, immune and endocrine systems) to better understand how different microbes, signaling molecules, hormones and biological sex intersect to drive behavior.  

Recent Publications

Church JS, Renzelman ML [MHC ’20], Schwartzer JJ. Ten-week high fat and high sugar diets in mice alter gut-brain axis cytokines in a sex-dependent manner. J Nutr Biochem. 2022 Feb;100:108903.

Church J.S., Tamayo J.M., Ashwood P., Schwartzer J.J. (2021) Repeated allergic asthma in early versus late pregnancy differentially impacts offspring brain and behavior development. Brain Behav Immun., 93, 66-79.